Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cry Baby

I'm so emotional today. I feel like I might start to cry at any given moment.
I just can't believe that my little girl is starting Kindergarten!!
I feel like time is just going by way to fast. I mean wasn't I just rocking her to sleep in my arms yesterday?
I can't explain what I'm feeling and I guess all the parents out there know exactly what I'm trying to say.
On one hand I am so excited that my little girl is growing up and learning new things. But on the other hand I want to keep her young and safe with me forever.
I imagine this is how my parents felt. And even more how my Father in Heaven feels.
Going to school is BiG.
It means she's going to meet new people. Some who may not like her.
She'll make mistakes.
Her testimony will be tested.
And scariest of all, I won't be there to make everything better.
I guess all I can do is send her off with a big hug every day and be waiting with open arms when she comes home.
Again how my Father in Heaven must feel.
Oh Bella,
One day if you read this I hope you know how much I LOVE YOU!! And that you mean the world to me!!


Brittany said...

Teary just reading this. It's four years off for me and I already get emotional about it.

Karen said...

Ahhh, bless you Amy. Wait until that same little girl starts Jr. High, and driving, and dating and going off to college, and getting married....dang I feel old!