Sunday, March 25, 2012

Utah Girl Am I

Bless little Claire bear! A few weeks ago she woke up got dressed, in head-to-toe Utah clothes, and once she saw what Seth was wearing said "Ah dang it! Dad's wearing his work clothes!". Then she changed into regular clothes so she could save her outfit for a day when they could be twins.
So when Seth asked if she wanted to go watch the Utes practice she practically jumped at the idea.
She dressed herself and was so proud of it!
What a cutie! She loves her dad! And days like this make me so happy!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patricks Day 2012

A mean leprechaun visited our house this year. While the girls were asleep he took out all the clothes in their dressers and every book off their book shelf.
When I went in to Bella's room in the morning I said "What happened?" And she said "I don't know! I woke up and it was like this". Then I said "Who would do this? It's so mean. I wonder if it was a leprechaun?". Her eyes got big as she realized it probably was the work of a mean leprechaun. She ran into to tell Seth and made him get out of bed and come see. When he saw the mess he turned to me and said "That seems like a pretty big mess for a leprechaun".
Yes it was, but totally worth it after seeing how Bella and Claire reacted to it. He also turned our milk green.
Bella is hoping that next year we get a nice one.
But luckily for the girls it wasn't all bad. We gave them a cute treat (I forgot to take a picture) that I found on Pinterest and we also went to a fun St Patrick's Day party at Beth's. So they weren't too sad about the mean leprechaun.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lets Go Fly A Kite

The weather has been perfect for kite flying lately and the girls are LOVING it.
On this particular day my dad was over and the girls loved that he was there to watch them.
I was cheap and bought the kites from Walmart. We'll see how long they last. I might have to spring for the "expensive" ones at Costco.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Year

Another year, another blog book.
6 years and going strong!She looked at this forever when it came.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Baptism #2 Jayden

We were able to see another cousin get baptized today.
Jayden is the first to be baptized on the Brown side. It was a wonderful experience and we're all so glad we could be there with him.
Claire and Hailee

Friday, March 2, 2012

Presidents Day Weekend

I'm just finally getting around to posting pics from our amazing weekend in McCall.
We took a much need vacation with some good friends (and no kids) to a beautiful cabin for some r & r and skiing and snow boarding.
Basically we stayed up late, eat lots of food, hung out on the mountain, played games and watched Modern Family!
Can't wait for our next trip.
All of us on the last day
Amber, me, Lisa & Marianne
When Claire saw this picture she said "but one mom is missing...where's Chelsie?". Her favorite person was in Cabo soaking up the sun.
Seth, Dan, Jeremy, & Rick
hanging out in the cabin
Snow Boarding
We sent cards to everyone who took care of the kids. Bella and Claire were spoiled rotten with a weekend in St George with grandma and grandpa. They keep asking when they can go back.
The twins had some serious fun with the Lunt cousins in Provo. Even calling Kelli and Nate mom and dad (well, they were just copying what the other kids said. Cute!)