Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Are You Kidding Me #8

I got on the Internet today and the top story on Yahoo was an earthquake in L.A.. At the time there were no reports of injuries, but someone was kind enough to post footage of the earthquake at Disneyland. Are you kidding me? That's awful. Who would do that? And why? I would never want to watch something that horrible. Frightened children, terrified parents, and scared workers. No thanks. I'll give this person the benefit of the doubt; they were probably filming their own vacation and then this happened. But why does the world need to see it. Our society is so twisted. People are interested in car wrecks, & horrible stunts gone wrong. I hate it. I have a feeling if I saw this video I would have night mares about going to Disneyland. I think I'll pass on watching it.
Side note:
Usually when I take a stand on something I know both sides. But this time I haven't actually seen the footage. So if someone has seen it and it's not bad please let me know and I'll take back everything I said.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tonight at 10

I owe a big thank you to Chris Moore, husband to my favorite friend Leslie. Last night he took us and our good friends Mike & Jodie and their kids on a tour of KSL studios. He's the producer of the evening news. It was awesome! He was so nice to show us everything and give us lots of information. I think the adults were more fascinated with how things work. We loved learning about the audio visual stuff, what it takes to keep their Internet site up and running, the radio station and meeting some of the anchors. I think the kids favorite thing was standing by the weather screen and pointing on the green screen. It really was a blast! He invited us to come back sometime and watch the 10:00 news and see how things really work. I think Seth and I will be taking him up on that. Thanks Chris!! Why does Bella always look like she'd rather be doing something else?

All of us by the green screen

Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Small Step..

This morning I did something I've never done before. I ran a 5K. I know it's nothing big. Especially for all you seasoned runners (April, Morgan, Lisa, Lindsey). But for me who has never run in a race, and only started running a few weeks ago, it was a big accomplishment. I was feeling pretty good about myself, because I beat my time from the day before. Though that feeling was short lived when my neighbor, who is a 10 year old boy, ran past me. Yes, I felt like a complete looser. Oh well. I tried something new and it didn't kill me. Who knows, maybe I will accomplish my dream of a half marathon. My fan club Claire
Bella wouldn't' be in the picture, she was having too much fun with the other kids.
Thanks Sethy for getting up early and getting the kids dressed and ready. That's impressive. Even if you did put that dumb hat on Claire.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A fun trip to Idaho

The girls and I headed to Idaho for a little vacation and had so much fun! We went with my family to visit other family, and had the best time. We were only gone 4 days and managed to pack in a lot of fun activities. Seth missed us so much that he surprised us and came up for the last day. (ok we missed him too. Plus it was more fun to have him there). We had a great time at uncle Ken's. He showed the kids his farm animals, an old car from 1929, the four wheeler, and they all got to take a ride in the tractor (something they'd never done and loved every minute of ). We had a great time at the sand dunes. The kids loved that too. One of my favorite things we did was a special trip to Driggs to see some of Kenny's family. Bella was able to see her cousins and I got to spend time with Lori and Jessica. You guys are the best! It was so much fun! Of course the trip wouldn't be complete without swimming. And there was plenty of swimming, swimming and more swimming.
It was a fast trip and so much fun.
Bella loves her sun glasses

On the ground

Up in the air

Seth trying out the four wheeler

The kids at the sand dunes

The babies hanging out at the sand dunes

Me and Laura watching the babies at the sand dunes

Bella's Driggs cousins

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Play Ball!

A fun night with friends at the Bee's baseball game.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th! (and 3rd, and 5th, and 6th..well...happy long fun weekend)

This fourth of July weekend was lots of fun. We were able to spend lots of time with family and friends. What could be better? I forgot the camera on the 3rd when we had a BBQ with the Hatch-Moss's. I absolutely love watching Bella and Jaci play. They are so cute! The 4th was filled with yard work, yard work, and more yard work. Actually we only worked in the yard for half of the day. After that was a BBQ with grandma and grandpa and then a party with the people on our street. I shouldn't brag, but I seriously think we have one of the best neighborhoods. One of our neighbors put on an amazing fireworks show and everyone came out to watch. The kids all got glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets, and ear rings. Bella was in heaven. The 5th was my mom's birthday and Bella loved helping her open presents and trying out the new frozen yogurt place. Then on the 6th we had my cousin and her cute family over for dinner. Of course I was having too much fun and forgot to take pictures. Anyway lots of fun was had and thanks to everyone who made it possible. Best friends already
Bella loved her glow in the dark ear rings

The kids watching the fireworks

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sleepover Fun At Grandma's

Last night Bella had a sleepover at Grandma Jan's with Luke. Every year grandma plans tons of fun things to do while she's not working during the summer. The kids LOVE it! Sleeping over has become a tradition and the kids are always so excited about it.
They had so much fun playing in the sandbox with their new toys, eating dinner at McDonald's, taking a bath, watching a movie with popcorn, and of course sleeping in their sleeping bags at the foot of grandma and grandpa's bed.
They are so lucky to have a grandma who cares so much about them & plans fun things for them to do. Next on the list of fun is the movie Walle, can't wait. Thanks grandma!