Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dear Bella on the night before 7th grade

I can't believe you are starting Jr high!!
I have been so worried and nervous for you for the past few month. Worried about friends, school work, friends, who you'll eat with at lunch, will people like you, will you do okay in school? And then dad gave you a blessing tonight and I was reminded of what an amazing girl you are. You have been so great with reading your scriptures, writing in your journal and making friends. You've been great at that since you were little really. Always including others and being a peaceful non judgmental friend. 
I know you may not always remember the things dad said in his blessing. But I hope you'll remember the way you felt and that you got up gave him a hug and wouldn't let go. That was the spirit touching you that the words dad said were true and that he loves you so much.
We both do!
I feel so blessed to be your mom.

I know it will be a great year and I have no doubt you'll do a great job!