Sunday, January 31, 2016

Court Tomorrow

We're back in court again tomorrow. Kenny is trying to show that i'm in contempt of court by not following the decree.
I talked to Rob on Friday and feel more confident. Things are in our favor which is good, but we've had this happen before. 
I went to the temple yesterday. I'm glad I could go. During the session I had this thought to put Kenny's name on the prayer roll. I've never in 3 years had that thought. Of course I ignored it and any time I thought about it I would talk myself out of thinking t was a prompting but rather a random thought.
When I was in the celestial room I said a prayer about it. And again talked myself out of it. I thought to myself why do I usually put peoples names on the prayer roll? It's because I want to help them in some way. Then the thought came to me This can't keep going on. Which I agree with. But I have no control over it. So I thought I guess I could put his name on praying that his heart would be softened.
But even as I was writing a few peoples names down I kept being rational about it. How Kenny is the way he is and prayers don't always change things. 
Ultimately I thought I better do it in case it was a prompting. Then at least I followed it.
I'm feeling nervous about tomorrow. It's never easy. I have a lot of support from friends who are coming or who have talked to me today. So that helps. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Syd the reader

Caught Syd quickly reading after school and had to take a picture.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A trip to Provo

Since there was no school we decided to head to Provo to see the Temple open house. While we were on the free way the Sorenson's passed us and we ended up going though with them. The kids had lots of fun.
After that our family headed to BYU to have lunch on campus. We went to the bookstore, took a picture with Cosmo and then went to the Norman Rockwell Exhibit. After that we drove around a little and ended with ice cream at the BYU creamery.
It was a fun girls day! We all had lots of fun!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Claire's 8th Birthday

Claire woke up and presents and breakfast in bed. For her breakfast she choose pancakes.
After school Linda brought her a cake! Which was so thoughtful and she loved it! Then we went and she got her ears pierced. She was so excited!! It hurt a little bit but she was still happy. After that it was off to dinner. Her choice- Arby's! She was super excited about it!
Overall I think she would say it was a great day.
Oh and later that week she was the star of the week and we got to come and talk about her to the class. And all she wanted for her birthday was to miss school and work at Beehive Bakery. So she got to go on MLK day since it was a holiday. You can tell from the picture how happy she was.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Bella's Braces

Bella was so excited to get braces!! After she was done I asked if she wanted to go to Beehive to get a treat but she said no she wanted to go back to school and show her friends her braces.
When she got home from school though, she said how much they hurt.
But she was already looking forward to the 6 week appointment so she could chose another color for her bands.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Antelope Island in January

On New Years Day we were all a little bored so Seth got a great idea to head out to Antelope Island. It was pretty cold and after a little while Claire and Bre had had enough and stayed in the car. But Syd was a trooper and made it through the whole time. It was fun exploring. But I think Seth had the most fun. (Bella was at a friends house for a party).