Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Precious little Claire Bear!

I have to journal things like this for days when I want to pull my hair out.
Tonight as I was tucking Claire into bed she told me that when we say our prayers it's little invisible messages that go to heaven and that they have to be invisible because people would try and catch the messages as they were going to heaven.
Oh I love the way her little brain works. I asked who told her that and she said no one told her but she knows it's true.
I am so thankful for her!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Part #1

Since we still have no car and I still can't drive we decided to take front runner into town for the day.
We had lunch at City Creek, then walked to the library then took tracks back to front runner and front runner back to Bountiful.
We all had a great time.

Friday, May 24, 2013

So Brave

Where did this kid come from? She seriously has no fear.
She just came in the other night and showed us her tooth that she pulled out by herself!
such a cutie! I love her! The tooth fairy left her 50 cents and she was pretty excited!

Work, if you want to call it that

I haven't journaled much about work, but I started taking acting lessons privatley from Renee and I love it. It's been so good for me and then a few weeks ago after much deliberation I finally switched agency. I was accepted with McCarty which is a big deal.
Within in one week of being signed with them I had a job.
It was the day after court and it was the perfect thing for me. Hair, Make up, Catered food, and adults was exactly what I needed. It was an 8 hour day and I didn't enjoy asking people to watch the kids, especially with how much I've had to ask lately but everyone was so nice, as usual.
I met a few people from the agency and really liked them. one girl ended up giving me a ride home and we had a great talk. It's nice to know the ins and outs and everything.
This was one picture that she took while we were waiting around on set.
Good times!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No Car......Sucks

I've now been without a car for almost 2 weeks and I'm dying.
The doctor said I can't drive for 1 month and then when I start again it will be for one month with someone who is 16 or older.
I've been walking 2-6 miles a day. I've even made it pushing the twins to my parents. We've also walked to Dicks a few times.
And as usual the ward has been amazing!
Laura set up a driving schedule and people could sign up for things like taking Claire to preschool, or Bella to Tennis lessons and then people have also watched my kids and taken me to the doctor and other errands.
It's very humbling, I'll say that.
It's been good to do all that walking because it's wearing me out and I sleep so well. Something I haven't done in months.
I'm having to make small talk with people while they take me places, and it's not something I love but it's good for me.
I guess this is all a good learning experience.
Here we are on our way to Dicks

Court, round #2

We had court today and man was it hard for me.
According to Rob we got what we wanted but, I don't feel like it. Before we went in he said all we wanted was for Commissioner Arrnet to say we have enough evidence to go before a judge. And that's what he said.
But, it was hard for me to listen to Kenny's side say such bad things about me. When we were done and home Seth asked me why I was still so sad  and I said that I challenge anyone to sit in a court room setting and listen to someone say untrue things about you. So even though I know Rob was right, I still felt like crap.
I will have to testify when we go to trail and I'm really scared. We were only in court today to talk about the backed child support Kenny owes not even the custody. His attorney said things like "Amy knew Kenny was making more and she chose not to get the money" and then she also said that it was my fault for going to ORS and that's why I'm not getting the correct amount  She didn't even make sense. It was so obvious she was lying. I'm thankful we have Rob, he is such a good attorney and he has fought so hard for us.
I still have one more meeting with Anna Trupp (the custody evaluator) and she also still needs to come to our house. That should be some time in June.

Preschool Graduate

Cute Claire Bear graduated from preschool today and we had to miss it because we were in court.
Luckily grandpa was there and he recorded it and between he and Chelsie we got lots of pictures.
Of course I would have rather been watching her sing and preform but I'm so thankful she had people watching her that made her feel loved.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Seth!

Happy Birthday Seth!
He didn't have the greatest birthday and I'm going to go ahead and blame it on the accident. I can't think straight or remember anything.
We went to dinner last minute with Rich and Alison, then Rick and Marianne came over and hung out that night. The next day we had dinner with Beth and Chad and cake and ice cream with my family.
So I guess it wasn't a total loss. Pretty good for someone who almost forgot the birthday in the first place.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Scary car Accident

Yesterday I was in the scariest car accident. I was going to get Claire from school and blacked out. When I came to the paramedics were asking if I remembered anything and asking lots of questions, like what was the date and my name and so many others that I couldn't answer.
It was the worst feeling.
When the car stopped I knew I didn't know where I was, but I could see the twins in the rear view mirror ad they looked happy and my air bag wasn't out so I figured we were ok.
They said I had a seizure. That seemed crazy to me since I've never had one. Which is why they said I needed to go to the hospital. So they took me and the twins in the ambulance.
Once we got there and I was in the room with the doctor it was like everything came rushing back. I remembered that I had been on my way to get Claire, I knew my phone number and Seth's name and number and then I realized that I was supost to be tending for Chelsie, but I couldn't call her because I didn't know where my phone or purse was and then I realized I didn't know where the twins were.
The nurses kept telling me that my blood pressure was through the roof and everything was fine and not to worry.
Within minutes of them saying that Seth walked in. It was such a relief.
He had called my awesome friends and my dad and everything was being taken care of. Then my dad got there and they both stayed until I was released.
We're all pretty sure it was a side effect of the new medicine I was taking.
Yesterday and today have pretty much been a blur.
Oh and the worst part is they said I can't drive for 6 months!! I still haven't even wrapped my brain around that. I have way too many things to deal with, like all the custody stuff, court, therapy, swimming lessons, tennis lessons and the list goes on.
The ward has started a driving list. I hate needing so much help, but there is no way I can do it all without help. My dad and Seth can do the Salt Lake ones and my therapy, but I'll need friends and ward members for the others in Bountiful.
I'm meeting with the doctor tomorrow and hopefully that will be good news.