Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Court, round #2

We had court today and man was it hard for me.
According to Rob we got what we wanted but, I don't feel like it. Before we went in he said all we wanted was for Commissioner Arrnet to say we have enough evidence to go before a judge. And that's what he said.
But, it was hard for me to listen to Kenny's side say such bad things about me. When we were done and home Seth asked me why I was still so sad  and I said that I challenge anyone to sit in a court room setting and listen to someone say untrue things about you. So even though I know Rob was right, I still felt like crap.
I will have to testify when we go to trail and I'm really scared. We were only in court today to talk about the backed child support Kenny owes not even the custody. His attorney said things like "Amy knew Kenny was making more and she chose not to get the money" and then she also said that it was my fault for going to ORS and that's why I'm not getting the correct amount  She didn't even make sense. It was so obvious she was lying. I'm thankful we have Rob, he is such a good attorney and he has fought so hard for us.
I still have one more meeting with Anna Trupp (the custody evaluator) and she also still needs to come to our house. That should be some time in June.

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