Monday, November 30, 2009

Headlines I can't stop thinking about...

So this is what happens now that I'm back to the gym in the mornings. I watch the news and can't stop thinking about the stories. And since the news is mostly depressing I start my off thinking about how the world must be coming to an end because of all the bad things that are happening. So here's a few of the stories I can't stop thinking about from the past few days.

  • Max Hall: okay cougar fans, seriously, he was kind of a jerk.
  • 4 Police Officers Killed in Washington: I can't stop thinking about it. So senseless.
  • Shaniya Davis: If you haven't read this story it's pretty hard to stomach. Her mothers behavior is unforgivable in my opinion.
  • Nutty Putty: What an interesting story. I feel for his pregnant wife. I've actually been inside this cave; maybe it's a good thing it's closed.
  • Tiger Woods: Hmm...what really happened?
  • White House Dinner Crashers: The more I read about these 2 the more I dislike them. But I am kind of glued to this story since they somehow managed to get passed all the security.
  • Adam Lambert: Gross. I was a fan when he was on American Idol. He is so talented. But now I'm totally grossed out.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I know this is cliche but I truly am so Thankful for my little family! They mean the world to me. Especially my amazing husband who has to live with 5 women.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't you wish you were us?

This is Claire after she colored herself with my lipstick and blush. The bottom picture is my bedroom wall and my bathroom. She also got the carpet and mirror.
I'm sure you're thinking, we deserve the parents of the year award, for watching her so closely. We thought she was watching a movie with Bella on our bed. And yes, Bella was in the room for the whole thing and never took her eyes off the show. This child can not be left alone for one minute! Seth spent the night cleaning Claire and then the two of us spent the night cleaning our room.
Seriously, don't you wish you were us?
I can almost hear you all laughing. The mess maker

I have twins?

For some reason I still haven't grasped onto the idea that I am a mother of twins!! Some days I think I get it, but most days I am still shocked when I go into their room and see them. Like this morning for example.
I came home from the gym and peaked in their room. This is what I saw. (The flash woke Syd up) But they were both sleeping in the exact same position! I don't know why that still surprises me. I mean they're identical, I guess it's normal that they sleep alike.They also had a 2 month check up today. They are both doing great! When Syd was born she weighed 4 lbs, and she is now up to 8.14! When Bre was born she weighed 5 lbs, and she now weighs 9.4! They're also sleeping through the night. Both of them! Hooray!!!!! On a side note I've had to eat my words. I shouldn't have been so vocal, when I said I wasn't a fan of matching clothes. I know I told many of you I would never dress them alike. The reason I said that was because I feared that because they are identical, dressing them would only confuse people. But, lucky for me most people didn't listen to me and still gave us matching outfits. Well, the point of this story is that I finally broke down and dressed them alike. And I LOVED it!!! It's so fun!I know I'm a nerd.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ahh..I feel much better

Today was such an exciting day! Our little Bre has slept through the night 4 days in a row!! Hooray!! Syd is close but not quite there.
So that's exciting news but the real exciting news was I had a day basically to myself. My friend Kim called this morning to ask if she could take the twins for the day. What? Who does that? Of course I said yes, as fast I could before she could realize what she was getting herself into and change her mind. And I'm not kidding, maybe 2 minutes after she called my sister in law Kelli called to see if she could take the girls for a day. Then, not kidding again, my friend Amber called to see if she could come hold babies or take the girls. I couldn't believe I had 3 offers in one day!! How lucky am I?
Since Kim had the twins and Bella ended up going with grandpa, after preschool, it was just me and Claire. We both took a much needed long nap and then headed to Cutlers for a cookie and some alone time. It was great.
I feel so relaxed and ready to tackle another day.
Thanks everyone who made it possible.

Look who turned 40!!

Sesame Street has been on the air for 40 years! What a great show. I'm a huge fan and so are my kids. I feel like now days it's hard to find kids shows that really teach something and send a good message. But Sesame Street does just that. I remember watching it as a kid and I love that my kids can watch it as well. I think Santa might be giving the 40th anniversary DVD to Claire.
A few years ago I tried to convince Seth that we should take a family vacation to Pennsylvania to go to the amusement park, Sesame Place. But, he didn't go for that.
I was listening to an interview with some of the people from the show and I learned a few new things. For instance, did you know Maria's name isn't really Maria? Of course I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. The minute I heard her voice on the radio, I knew it was Maria. I also learned the Oscar was orange in the first season.
So here's to you Sesame Street and 40 more years!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mission: Successful!

I've decided I have 2 choices for my new life 1) Stay home; and be happy staying home or 2) Learn how to go places with 4 kids.
I just can't stay home. I don't have it in me, so I've opted for choice #2.
A few days ago I had a successful trip to Costco with all of them, so I thought I was ready for something a little more challenging...the zoo!
So I loaded up my herd (I copied your phrase Amy) and we headed out. It was a beautiful day for the zoo and there weren't to too many people, so it was great. But I must say, the reason this day was such a success, was because of Bella. She was such a great helper. She pushed Claire in the stroller and was very obedient. I was so proud of her!

Now with 2 outings under my belt, I think I'm slowly learning how to be a parent of 4!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ocotber has come and gone..

I'm a little behind in my posts. Considering it's November and I posted nothing about Halloween or anything that we did in October. So here's a re-cap.

played in the leaves in the back yard decorated sugar cookies

went to the ward Halloween party and trick or treating.
If you were at the ward party you saw my costume. The saddest part was I had puppy costumes for the twins, but they never actually went anywhere and I didn't dress them up for a picture. (I wanted to return the costumes since they didn't get worn). Oh and if you're wondering why Bella isn't a puppy, it's because she would have nothing to do with my theme for Halloween. She wanted to be a cat and that was that. Although, it was a great idea since she already had the leotard from dance, and the cat ears were in the play room. We kind of pooped out on Halloween this year, especially since usually we all get dressed up. I just keep reminding myself that next year will be better, since I won't have 7 week old twins.

and last but not least, what would Halloween be without a trip to Gardener Village? So much fun!