Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I miss Bella. This has been had past few couple of days. She left with Kenny on Friday. She was able to go to Veronica's birthday party but then had to sleepover at Kenny's house Friday nigh and Saturday night. She came home for church and had to go back. Because it's MLK day today (monday) she has to stay with Kenny and he claims he gets her for Tuesday as well, because there is no school and it is an extension of the holiday.
I miss her so much!!
Seth and I had a biggest fight since this whole thing happened. He just snapped. He couldn't stand to watch me cry and lay around and not be normal. Jan came over and sat with me and the girls and Seth left.
The next day we had a good talk with Gary Johnson and that really helped.
We know the adversary is trying to tear our family apart. We just need to stick together.
We have court on Wednesday and that will be good. It is all about the back child support. Of course Kenny is saying a million reasons why he hasn't paid but they won't hold up in court.
He is also still pushing for joint custody and has set up a custody evaluator.
SO we'll see what happens.
I just love my Bella with all my heart and I hope she knows and can feel that!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Claire's birthday morning and party

I'm a little behind in posting. Things have been crazy busy and stressful. But Claire did have a wonderful birthday morning and an even better birthday party.
The night before her birthday she kept reminding me about all the things I needed to get. "Make sure you decorate my door, and don't forget the camera and the birthday plate."
I'm not kidding this kid gets more excited about her birthday than she does about Christmas  I guess I can feel good that I've raised her right :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Claire!

Dear Claire Bear,
Oh my goodness I can't belive you're 5 years old! And I really can't imagine how boring my life would be without you.
You were so cute last night. So excited about your big day. You reminded me I needed to decorate your door, get out the special plate, make sure you had "baby doughnuts" for breakfast, make sure the camers were ready and of course that the presents were wrapped.
Finally around 9:00pm you came out of your room crying because as you said "I'm sorry mom, but I just can't sleep. I'm too excited for my birthday".
I've never met someone who gets more excited about their birthday than you do, and I love it! Here's just a few of the many qualities we love about you:
  • You have a tender heart. There are many days when you can't wait for Bella to come from school and the first thing you do is run to her and say hi "hi Bella! I'm glad you're home. Also during the hardest time in my life you were there for me. Not many 4 hyear olds can say that. When Bella was gone and the twins were gone, you were the one that made me happy every day. Drawing me pictures, giving me hugs and kisses and when I couldn';t stop crying always offfering your blanket and an apple or string cheese. You realy took care of me.
  • You are so smart. One day when you were getting in the car Mrs Char said "She is just so bright". It's true. You remember everything and love to learn
  • You make us laugh. You always make funny faces or tell funny stories. Even your laugh is contagious
  • Friendly. You make so many friends wherever you go.
  • You love Coke. I like this because in so many ways you are just like your dad, but your love for Coke is just like your mom!
  • You are a great sister. Sometimes you tease but you're always there with a supportive hug and kiss.
  • I think my favorite thing you do is no matter whenever I ask you what your favorite part of the day has been you smile, give me a hug and say "right now".
Oh Claire! I love you so much!!!! You are such a blessing in my life and our family.
We love you,
Mom, Dad, Bella, Sydney, & Bre

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bella's Baptism

 Bella's baptism was just wonderful. I've blogged all the personal stuff but basically she was just glowing. We were so happy to share the day with the people that mean so much to us. Of course I didn't even take out my camera until almost everyone had left the party, but I did get a few.

Bella's Baptism (from a mom's perspective)

Bella was with Kenny for most of the day on her bapotism, because it was his weekend. And the day went very smoothly. I baked a lot, got ready for the party, helped Claire with her party invitations and took care of poor Syd who was really sick.
 When Bella got home I had already dressed the twins and Claire. So we got her ready and headed over to Marianne's so she could have her hair done.
When we got to the church Bella was almost jumping off the walls she was so excited. Her 2 other friends who have divorced parents were also getting baptized. It was just great that it worked out that way because Bella didn't feel any different and they all had each other