Friday, January 30, 2015

This Week

This week has been so rough. It started with Kenny harassing me through text. He just wouldn't give up. 
Then he threatened to file an "order to show cause" if he didn't get Bella right away on 50/50. So we had to start.
It has been awful on Bella and us.
I haven't been sleeping.
Then yesterday we met with Rob and he informed us that the judge has told him he's not allowed to bring up the statement where JEnna said Kenny would pay the child support form the day we started this process. We were just sick. That's about $900 a month for 30 months, and the judge is basically letting him off the hook. I have just cried and cried. That was the one thing we thought was a garentee. Rob says he will still say something in court. Either it will make the judge mad and we will have to apeal it later or she'll let him continue. 
Today (friday) Bella just cried and cried when Kenny came. She kept saying I don't want to go. It made Claire and Syd cry. Sweet Syd ran to her room to say a prayer. After Bella left I had everyone come in the living room and we said another prayer for Bella to feel comfort and be safe.
A few hours later when I had arranged for the primary president to pick Bella up for church Kenny told me to stay out of it and that they were going out of town.

I'm just so tired of it. PLus we found out that Seth has hit his highest point financially at work. He'll never make more. There's no way we can make it on that and pay these attorney fees since Kenny may not have to.

I just can't believe we contuine to lose over and over again. I'm tired of feeling defeated and depressed.
And I miss Bella so much it hurts.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Today while driving with all the kids Bella started talking about how babies can see angels and people from the other side of the veil. That got us talking and I told the girls the story about when Bella was only 3 weeks old. I just moved into Laura's and I was holding her and rocking in a chair. I said a prayer and was crying and a peace fell over me and just as quickly I heard her making noises I opened my eyes and she was looking at people and almost even moving her nexk like she was seeing them and speaking to them.

I told the girls that story and then Bella said "sometimes when I'm scared at Kenny's I say a prayer and I can feel the Holy Ghost and then I feel better.

I'm so glad all the kids heard it and am so thankful for what a good example she is on everyone else.

Monday, January 26, 2015

A great weekend

As we were saying family prayer tonight I thought I should probably write about what a great weekend we had. 
We had Bella so Friday we went to a Utah gymnastics meet with the Sorenson's. After that just our family went to The Training Table. Then on Saturday the kids did jobs and played with friends. That night we had movie night. Sunday after church we all played Frisbee and jump rope outside and talked with friends who were on walks. Then at night we watched Back to the Future and had brownies. 
This week school is out early all week. So it was fun to have the girls home early today. After FHE we finished Back to the Future and then played Chinese checkers. 
I'm scared for Bella to have to live with Kenny more. I don't trust him and I worry for her. 
Weekends like what we just had make me feel so good! I love my family and I'm so thankful for them!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Social Media

I don't think I've blogged about my social media jobs. 
I'm doing it for Beehive Bakery and The Judge Cafe. It's been such a blessing. Not only financially but also as a way to be creative and take my mind off of Kenny.
Here's a picture at The Judge. I went to take pictures and the girls played the Kindle, ate fries and cookies and had rootbeer. Not a bad day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Picnic with the twins

Oh these two! So much fun! They begged for a picnic so we had one. I love having them home! It's so much fun to spend time with just them. They make me smile!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Claire's Birthday

Claire counted the days leading up to her birthday starting on New Year's. She was pretty excited. 
We started with presents and breakfast in bed (well, breakfast in bed didn't happen because of early church, but we had it for lunch).
Grandma and grandpa came over one night and brought presents.
Claire and Garrett had cake and ice cream.
She took Belle, Rowan, and Ryan ice skating for her birthday. Then they came back for pizza and cake and ice cream.
I'd say it was a pretty good birthday!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dear Claire Bear

Dear Claire,
Happy Birthday! All day you've been reminding us that tomorrow is your birthday. Actually you've been counting the days for 11 days!
That's one of the things I love about you! Your excitement! You have such a positive attitude about life and everything makes you happy.
The last 7 years have been so much fun! You've taught us all so much! You're fun and happy but also caring and sensitive! As well as smart! You've caught onto reading and are doing so well. We also love how much you love to learn about the states. You impress everyone with your knowledge!
We all can't wait to see what this year brings!

We love you!


Mom & Dad

Zoo in January

We took a quick trip to the zoo with the Sorenson's. It was lots of fun. We'd never been in the winter. Less people and still fun in the cold. We got to see the rhinos being fed and talk to the workers. They gave us lots of fun information.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More Work

Work just keeps coming. This was for a shoot in Lehi for At Task. It was a lot of fun. I feel so blessed for all the work that keeps coming.