Thursday, January 12, 2012

Claire's Extended Birthday

I've never met someone who cares so much about their birthday. Starting in November, Claire was asking when it was her birthday. She did a countdown by figuring out first came Thanksgiving, then Bella's b-day, then Christmas and then her birthday. Honestly she really wasn't that excited about Christmas. She was more concerned with her birthday and making sure I knew she wanted cupcakes for breakfast that morning.
So I think she was happy with the 3 day celebration she got.
The day before her actual birthday they had a celebration in her class at pre-school. I brought the twins and even got Bella out of school to go. She really wanted to come and Claire really wanted her there. We brought pictures of Claire, shared her favorite book (Dream Hop) and brought treats.
Claire with her birthday crown at school
Then the next day, her actual birthday, she woke up at 6:30am, because she was so excited!! She couldn't wait to have presents and breakfast in bed. Her first question when she woke up was "mom, can I see the cupcakes Kim made?". After presents and cupcakes she played all morning with her new toys and then it was time for lunch at McDonalds with her best friend Wyatt.
Not the best picture. Wyatt was pretty excited about his toy and wanted to show it off for the picture and Claire has a straw in her face.
Since her birthday fell on a Wednesday we couldn't do a family party (YW and Bella is gone that night) so we had to post pone it until the next day. So Thursday night we headed to Chuckie Cheese. This girl has talked of nothing but Chuckie Cheese for the past 6 months. She had so much fun laughing and playing games. It almost made it worth it for me. Almost. I'll be ok if I never have to go there again.
Her presents from grandma & grandpa and Elysia.
What a fun 3 days. When I took the decorations down from her door she said "But mom, is my birthday really over?". Poor thing, she has to wait a whole year!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Claire!

Dear Claire,
Happy Birthday!! Oh I just love you so much!!!
Dad and I are always saying we don't know what our family would be like without you. Well, actually we do know...very boring!
You bring so much fun to our house! Your beautiful smile and laugh are so contagious. Everyone who meets you likes you immediately. And why wouldn't they? You're smart, fun, creative, silly, sensitive and just plain fun to be around!
We hope you have a great year being 4!!
Love, Mom & Dad

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Luke's Baptism

Luke was baptized today and it was great for all the kids to see.
Bella is getting so excited for her turn next year. In fact the primary pres even told me the date for Bella's. Jan 5th 2013. Yes, she's very on the ball!
Anyway seeing this baptism made it very real for Seth and I. I mean I can remember Luke and Bella playing in diapers when I lived at Laura's and it seems like it was just yesterday.
And in classic Luke fashion he was more interested in counting the money he got from grandparents. Laura said he could go anywhere he wanted for dinner after and he picked CHUCKA RAMA. Classic Luke.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Hair Cuts

The girls have needed a hair cut for some time, but I couldn't bring myself to do it because I knew it would make them look older and I loved that I could pull it in a braid or pony tail.
But I finally had it with the rats nest it was becoming, so we headed to the Salon and they got their first hair cuts.
The whole family went and we all stood there watching and taking pictures. I'm sure it was a little nerdy but oh well. Bella reminded me to get some of the hair for their scrapbooks.
So here they are with their new do's:

Breanna getting her hair cut
Sydney getting her hair cut