Monday, August 27, 2007

Think Pink.....Again

I'm now 20 weeks, half way there! And today we found out we're having another girl. Bella doesn't seem to think this is news, since she's thought from the beginning, she was going to have a "baby girl sister". I was the one who didn't believe it. I asked the nurse if she was sure it was a girl. Seth had me convinced it was a boy. All and all we're very excited. Everything looks great and the baby is healthy, so that's what really matters. Now Seth can join some of our other friends, Treion, Joe, Rick and others as the only man in the house. Hopefully he'll survive when there are 2 teenagers in the house.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Island Park '07

Part of the "Jeff Show". He makes it look so easy

The Hedberg/Brown/Klimt side of the family finally had a family vacation! It was so fun to have our aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins there as well. At one point we had 26 people. If I were to write everything down we'd be here all day so here are a few of the highlights.
  • Seth trying out surfing on the boat
  • Watching the "Jeff Show"
  • Watching Chase saying goodbye to his new best friend Chris
  • Laura selling Cookie Lee (even on vacation)
  • Jan and Jodi playing Wii
  • Paige doing her victory lap after winning wii
  • Bella cheering on her dad while he was wake boarding
  • Fred breaking into a running car to turn it off
  • Playing games
  • Great Food

I'm sure I'm leaving out so much. We missed everyone who couldn't be there, but hope they can make it next year when we try Bear Lake. And if you took pictures I want to trade.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

2 down 1 to go!

I'm so excited to be caught up on all my family scrapbooking. Bella's book as well as our family book are right where they need to be. So hopefully by the time the baby is here I can start his or hers and not worry about playing catch up. The only draw back to being caught up is that the pages aren't that great. But I'm ok with that. I've seen yours Kelli and Lindsey E and they put mine to shame, but I had to face facts. And if I wanted to continue and not get behind, the books had to suffer. Hopefully my children won't judge me and just be grateful they have some books. But sadly, Woods Cross alumni, the scrapbook I worked so hard on 9 years ago has had some major damage done to it. In June I decided to go back and check it out to see if it needed any touching up before next years reunion, and it's a good thing I did. The poor book looks horrible. So now, maybe, that I'm caught up on my own stuff I can work on that one. Of course I realize that no one in the world loves that book as much as I do, (yes, Andrew and Marissa I remember being made fun of because I was the only one who actually looked at the other books to critique them) so I'm willing to put forth the effort to make it better. So if anyone has pictures from 97-98 or knows people who do please e-mail them my way. Especially if you have some of drill team, soccer, etc.. Actually anything will do.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Peer Pressure at 27?

I finally gave into peer pressure this last weekend and read Twilight. It seems like everyone I know is reading it or has read it. And after reading it I give it a "B". Don't hate me. It was a good book, I'll give it that, and I liked it, but I'm still confused about why there is so much hype behind it. At one point during the weekend Seth asked me if I was just reading it to finish it, and I have to admit that was partly true. I had a hard time getting past the vampire stuff. Maybe that's my problem. Anyway, I hope I still have friends after this blog since I can only think of 2 people who didn't like this book and they don't even read my blog. So tell me, everyone who just loves this book, is the 2nd book what really got you hooked or am I just missing something?