Monday, September 28, 2009

2:00pm & 10:00pm: My 2 favorite times

Seth & Bre My two favorite times are 2 and 10.
If you were to come here around 2:00pm it would seem like a ghost town. I basically shut down. I put everyone down for a nap and stick a sign on the door saying we're all sleeping. It's seriously a little slice of heaven for me. Most people who know me, know that I take naps pretty seriously. I've been known to leave early from places just to make it back in time for naps or to not even go places because it will conflict with nap time. Say what you want, but it works for me. Also Bella has taken up napping again. I don't know why, but I love it. She cuddles with me on my bed and it's great.
My other favorite time of the day is 10:00pm. That's usually when we do the last feeding for the twins before bed time. I love it! Seth and I both take a baby and sit on the bed. We either watch tv or just talk. It's great. We get alone time and it's relaxing.
As much as I love these 2 times of the day, I'm still looking forward to not needing a nap because
the twins can sleep through the night. day

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Don't worry mom, I'll feed the babies, while you deal with Claire"

and she did.....what a good helper I have!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Breakfast at the Browns

  • sippy cups with milk, bowls with cereal, 2 bananas: check

  • ugly blankets that if the kids spill on I won't care: check

  • basket with toys: check

  • DVR with lots of kids shows: check

This is my new way to get through the morning. I get the cereal and milk ready the night before. When Bella wakes up she brings it all in my room. Seth brings Claire in and that's how we start the morning. It's a far cry from how I usually start breakfast. I was in such a good habit of going to the gym, reading scriptures as a family, and having healthy breakfasts, not to long ago. That's all gone out the window since the twins were born. I've come to the realization that for the next little while I will be staying home. This has been hard for me. I hate staying home. But at the same time I am thankful that it's even an option.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's been one week

I've now been home for one week! The twins were born a little over a week ago and so much has happened.
First off I have to say I just love and adore my wonderful husband. I made that extra mushy so he'll squirm while reading it. All kidding aside. He has been amazing. Taking care of the family for the last few months and now helping me to recover. He was up with the babies every single night for the first 4 days. That's right, he did all the night time feedings. Very impressive.
That stupid c-section about killed me. I've heard all the horror stories and now I know why. I really couldn't get out of bed for the first few days so it was great that Seth did everything and never complained!
I've also been taken care of during the day. I don't know what we would have done without all the help. I say that like we're done with needing help. Believe me, I know we're not. But I was so lucky to have grandma Jan here from 7:30am-5:50pm Monday-Thursday, this past week, and Seth's mom came on Friday and stayed the whole day. Wow! Seriously I can't even put into words how great that was. I know that's why I'm recovering so quickly. This next week I have friends helping me out with driving Bella to and from preschool and my friend Amber has offered to come over while her kids are in preschool and hold babies, watch Claire and let me sleep. What a good friend to give up her free kid time for us. Again I'm feeling pretty spoiled. Not to mention that a few ladies from the ward have already called and said they want to come over and do the same thing as Amber this week.
I think we're starting to get the hang of this twin thing. I just feel so blessed that they are growing and staying healthy.

Utah man am I

I think people know Seth pretty well. We got a package in the mail from someone he insurances and it was Utah binky's and Red and pink leggings. Very cute! He also got a Utah apron for BBQing and Utah bibs for the twins, from Steve & Karen Mordue. (the bibs were in the wash or they'd be in the picture). Then our friend Kim sent over a package to Seth's work filled with Utah shirts for ALL of our girls and little Utah socks for the twins. Seth was like a kid in a candy store with all these presents. Thank You Kim, Mordue's & Trina for knowing us, or should I say Seth, so well!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Make it stop

It's started again. About 2 years ago I blogged about this same thing. Jan.2008
I don't know why this happens every time I have a baby, but without fail I turn into "worse case scenario mom", as Seth calls it.
Every night I think I'm ready to go to bed, because I'm exhausted, I lay down and what happens? My mind goes crazy thinking up all the horrible things that could happen to my kids. Eventually I fall asleep but usually I wake up in a sweat because I've just had the most awful dream about something bad happening to one of my kids. I know enough not to watch the news after I have a baby. But a lot of the things I dream up aren't from stories I've heard on the news.
I think a little worry is good because it helps you keep your kids safe. But too much and I'll make myself and my kids crazy.
I hate it! How do I make this stop? I know I can't be the only parent who does this. But what am I supposed to do? Any advice?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Parents of 4

Bella couldn't wait to hold the babies
I can't believe I'm a mom of 4 girls

We've waited so long for them and Tuesday night we finally got our sweet baby girls.
Here's a quick re-cap of what happened.
Laura took me to the doctor around 1:00pm and I was dilated to a 5 plus my contractions were 2 minutes apart. They did a quick ultra sound and noticed that one baby was breach so we knew it would be a c-section. I had never had one and Seth said it was cool to watch, but wasn't a big fan of the whole thing. Sydney
Sydney was the first to come out and she weighed 5 lbs 2 oz. and was 19 in long. Breanna was next and she weighed 5 lbs 15 oz. and was 20 in long. The best part was they got to come with us back to my room. No NICU! That was great news.
Every time I look at them I can't believe they were in my stomach. It's crazy! They are just beautiful and I can't wait to get them home.
I'm here for 4 days and then I can come home and face reality.
Thanks again to everyone who has helped. We love and appreciate you all.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Few Firsts

This week has been pretty eventful around our house. Bella started soccer again. But for the FiRst time she is on a team of all girls. She loves it! She also had her FirSt day of school. She loves that to. This year she goes 3 times a week, which I love. To top off the week Seth had his appendix out and stayed over night in the hospital. That was a fiRsT, that I'm glad will never happen again. Of course it came on a day that I had been having a cramp in my side all day and could hardly walk. We made it though the day because of our amazing family and ward. Really we have been so taken care of. I even had a friend go to Costco and the grocery store for us. That was awesome to just write her a check as she brought everything in. We also had meals brought in. Even though I tried to say no, because of the freezer meals from the shower. But they all said to save them for after the babies are born. Seth thinks he will be recovered to go to the Utah game. We'll see. If he doesn't get to go this will be one of the fIrsT time in years he's missed the opening game.
I also went to the doctor today and had another huge shock. I still can't believe it but one of the babies is 5 lbs and the other is 6 lbs!!!! What the..? I have a friend who just had twins, and hers were that weight, and I remember thinking there's no way mine will be that big. I could never carry that much baby.
I'll have to take a picture for those of you who don't see me all the time, but seriously someone told me the other day that I look like I'm going to fall over in the front because that's where all the weight is. It's true. My stomach is all baby and getting so big! I've made an executive decision (without consulting anyone) that I'm officially taking myself off of bed rest, starting this weekend. Just don't tell my doctor. So if you see me lifting Claire or walking up and down my street, it's ok.

He knew this picture was going on the blog so he refused to smile

Bella is the tall one in purple