Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Tonight after bed Claire came in and said "mom, can grandma and grandpa take us to get a present for someone?". I asked who and she stammered a little and I said "do you want grandma and grandpa to take you to get a present for me or dad?". She said "yes, but it's for both of you. Do you think they will pay for it or should I bring my own money?"
I told her I was so thankful that she would think of that on her own and how thoughtful she is.

Earlier today I had to run to the bank and to pick up a pizza for dinner and Syd was the only one who wanted to come. She held me hand and talked and skipped the whole way. Oh I love her!

Then tonight for bed I got to tickle Bre in her bed. Her laugh is contagious. It just made me happy.

The only way the night could have been better was if Bella was there. But she was here the past weekend and we had a great time. Plus she was sick yesterday and stayed home from school so I got to be with her.

Just wanted to journal how grateful I ma to be a mom to these 4 amazing kids!
I love them!

Bed time storie

Came in to see Seth reading bedtime stories and the girls totally enthralled. I love this