Friday, March 25, 2011

Are You Kidding Me #27

I'm a huge fan of chocolate chip cookies. Ask anyone who knows me. But when I saw this I almost threw up.
Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies
Are you kidding me? Who thought of this?
Who doesn't love bacon? And who doesn't love a chocolate chip cookie? But together?
If anyone has actually tried these, I would love to know what you thought. I also saw this gem:
Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie
Looks delish..but as one blogger said, "We made these last night and immediately acquired diabetes and died".
I think that sums up how sugary they are.
But if someone daring wants to try these and tell me how they are I'd love to know.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Curlies & Sickies

For the last few weeks Bella has asked over and over again if I would get her some pink rollers so her hair could be curly.
I finally remembered to buy some when I was at the store and it made her day. She was so excited. Claire didn't really know what to expect, but once the curlers were in, she was thrilled!! We're talking jumping up and down and talking non stop about her "curlies". It took her over an hour and countless times getting out of bed to finally fall asleep.
She was just that excited. They turned out pretty well. We still had to use the curling iron in the morning, but I thought they looked adorable.
The twins have been very sick this past month. First it was pneumonia and now high fevers (reaching 104.9) and throwing up.
They seemed a little better this afternoon so I took them out for a walk. When I looked down I saw this.

Bless Sydney's little heart. If she isn't just the most tender hearted little girl out there, I don't know who is.
That's her hand on top. She loves her sister so much.
It was too cute not to get a picture.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dear Charlie Sheen

Please go away.
And take Mariah Carey with you.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Disney On Ice

Last night we took Bella and Claire to Disney on Ice. I won the tickets so this was a special treat for the girls.
We thought it would be fun to go to dinner before, so we hit up Seth's old work.
California Pizza Kitchen.
Lucky for us Seth still knows a lot of the people that work there. One of his good friends is now the manager, so we got the VIP treatment. It was great! I have to admit I was feeling a little spoiled.
When we got to the show I was pleasantly surprised to see that our seats were really good. I thought since they were free they might not be that good, but I was wrong.
I took a million pictures but this one about sums it up.

The girls were so excited!

Me & Bella

Seth and Claire
Seth tries to say he didn't enjoy it (if you saw anything he said on Facebook), but I know he loved it. Claire sat on his lap pretty much the whole time and was so darling. Telling him when to clap and answering all the questions they would ask the audience. My favorite was when Mickey couldn't find his broom and she started yelling to him "Mickey! It's behind you!".
Bella was equally cute. Announcing to me who everyone was when they came out. Like I couldn't see for myself or something. But it was fun watching her get so excited!
Such a fun night! Bella has already started asking if we're going next year.