Monday, June 29, 2009

Damn Snails!

I am so mad. I have really tried this year with my garden. Even in my pregnant state, I still water my flowers every day and keep up with the weeds. Then a few days ago I finally figured out why none of them are growing. And it's all thanks to snails. I thought I had it all figured out. I was doing everything I should be. But, apparently I wasn't. I hadn't even thought about snails. Well, the truth is I had seen them near the flowers I just didn't know they were going to ruin my garden. So tonight Seth sprayed or did something that should remove all the stupid snails. I really hope it works or I might be saying other words besides damn.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scott Joined The Club

The married club that is. He is officially a married man and it only took 31 years. We're all so happy for him. He married a great girl who also has a great family. Best of luck Scott & Jamie. We love you guys!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

And so begins the name game.........

I hate picking out names. Well that's not true. I should say I hate picking out girl names. Let me rephrase that, I hate picking out girl names with my husband. We never agree.
If you don't know the story of the last 2 names, it's pretty simple. My ex husband was an Ass so I got to pick Bella's name and Seth and I disagreed about every name under the sun, so I finally said I didn't care, which was true, and he picked Claire and we let Bella pick the middle name.
The ironic thing is we had 2 boy names picked out for this pregnancy, and we both really liked them, and I was so sure we were having boys that I honestly hadn't thought of any girl names.
So now people are starting to ask if we've thought of any names for the twins. We originally thought we could each pick a name and we'd have to agree, but that's not turning out to be a good idea. Mostly because we say the name we're thinking about and when we say them together and they don't match at all.
So here we are back at square one. I keep trying to push the thought of naming them aside, but it feels like I get asked every day what names we're thinking about.
My doctor and the ultra sound lady call them Baby A and Baby B, right now that's not sounding so bad.
If you have any good ideas send them my way. I need all the help I can get.

Random Things

On Monday I went to the doctor. It was for a regular ultra sound. Seth and I talked and decided to see if my dad wanted to come. After all he's never seen one and Seth wasn't going. So he took me and it was fun to see him get excited. He asked lots of questions. After the ultra sound I went back for my visit with Dr. Terry and my dad stayed in the waiting room. Turns out they were scared about this thing called Twin To Twin Transfusion. They've always said it was possible, especially with identical twins, but they were nervous because one was growing at a slower rate and had a sack of fluid around it. So they sent me down to another ultra sound place, one place I hope I never have to go to again. The doctor there was great and very nice, but I could tell it was the place they send people who have problems. Anyway everything turned out fine. They'll do another ultra sound in 2 weeks and every 2 weeks after that just to keep an eye on things.

Today I went to my cousin Jane's so she could teach me how to make Bula. I thought it would be fun to make it for my dad for Fathers Day. It turned out to be very easy. Although that said I've never made it by myself. So we'll see how I do tomorrow when I try again.

Later when the kids were playing Claire got into something in Bella's room so I hurried and scooted her out and shut the door. The only problem was her little finger was in the part that got shut. It nearly broke my heart. I hurried and picked her up and held her and immediately started crying with her. Not very helpful I know but my heart was breaking knowing she was in so much pain and I had cause it. I gave her her binky and blanket and put some ice on it. She calmed down pretty fast. But I haven't been able to forget that feeling. I love my kids so much and would die if anything ever happened to them, especially if it was my fault. This little accident made me think about how fragile these little ones lives are. I feel so blessed to have healthy, smart, beautiful kids.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bear Lake + Good Friends - Kids = Amazing Weekend!

We just got back from an amazing weekend with some of our really good friends. I feel spoiled because we have such fun friends. We played tennis, went swimming, rode four wheelers, played golf, took naps, went out to dinner, played games, and stayed up every night until 1:00am just laughing.
I think my life would be complete if I could take a weekend away once a month with friends and no kids. Talk about relaxing! I took too many pictures to post and if I did you'd be here all day looking at them.
So now it's back to reality. I have a doctors appointment this week and he's warned me that this is the time he's going to start putting restrictions on what I can do from here on out.
At least we got one last vacation before the twins get here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Are You Kidding Me # 20

Seth and I have been talking about the difference between a dog and Claire. I know that sounds rude and you might be thinking are you kidding me, how can she even say that? But Claire has so many similarities with a dog.
Now granted I don't have a dog and I'm not really a dog person. But there are a few things I know about them. For instance, it seems like you can tell a dog "get your leash and we'll go for a walk", and then it does it. Well, I can tell Claire, "Claire get your shoes and we'll go outside". She then gets her shoes and meets me by the door. The similarities don't end there. Claire loves the toilet, garbage can, eating out of my hand, giving slobbery kisses, and she'll eat just about anything and make a mess while doing it. I also think she's pretty cute and most people think their dog is pretty cute.
I love my little Claire no matter what she reminds me of and hopefully one day when she's reading this in the blog book she won't hate me. Just remember Claire, dad thinks it too, it's not just me.