Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dirty Dash

Last Saturday I competed in the Dirty Dash. If you haven't heard about it here's the run down.
It's a 10K/Boot Camp/Mud Race. That's what I would call it, anyway.
There were teams or you could do it individually. I would highly recommend being on a team. It's much more fun.
I was on a team with my sister Laura, my cousin Melanie and my good friends Chelsie and Amber.
This was such a fun race!! I've never done anything like it before. But I have to say to anyone who is thinking about doing it, as much fun as it was, it was also very challenging.
There were lots and lots of hills!! The map on their website really didn't do it justice.
Basically we started the first mile which was mostly a hill and then came to our first obstacle, which was jumping over hay stacks. Not too bad, but from then on there were other obstacles such as a wall, where after you climbed over you fell into mud. If only I had a apicture of my cute muddy hand print on Laura's butt from when I helped get her over the wall.
There was a tire obstacle just like they do in the army. There was also a huge swamp type mud mess. I wish I had a camera to capture Chelsie stuck waist deep. But I probably wouldn't have taken a good picture since I was laughing too hard.
Poor Chels! She also fell into the river while trying to jump over it. Thank you to the nice man who helped her out.
And last but not least there was a slip n slide ending in the final mud bath.
Another fun thing about this race was the costumes. We all wore pj's and curlers in our hair.
I wish I had a camera for some of the things we saw. Some of the teams were very creative. For example: one team all wearing wedding dresses and calling themselves "the runaway brides", another team of all men had prison uniforms and were chained together while they ran.
We got a head start on the fun by staying over night in Heber the night before.
Oh and I stole some of the pictures from the Dirty Dash web site. We didn't dare bring our cameras since we didn't want to take the chance of getting them ruined. But oh how I wish we had them to capture some great moments.
Here's to next years fun, girls!! All of us after the race. I wish we had gotten a close up of Laura's awesome outfit. Amber and Chelsie picked up our rockin jammies at the DI. Turns out Laura's was actually a pant suit. Fully equiped with sholder pads, pockets and even pleats. But somehow it made it's way on the pajama rack.

Me and Chels on the slip n slide

Amber trudging through the mud

Me trudging through the mud

Mel pulling Laura down into the mud

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twins 1 Year Check Up


2 weeks 5.45 lbs 1% 19.9 inches length 9%

3 months 8.8 lbs 5% 22.05 inches length 26%

6 months 14.97 lbs 19% 26. 57 inches length 67%

12 months 18.61 lbs 12% 29.43 inches length 60%


2 weeks 6.02 lbs 3% 19.69 inches length 25%

3 months 9.59 lbs 13% 23.03 inches length 65%

6 months 15.34 lbs 25% 26.57 inches length 67%

12 months 19.53 lbs 23% 30.51 inches length 89%

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Oprah

Dear Oprah,
Today's a big day for you. I know because it's been all over the news.
The first show starting your last season.
I'm feeling torn.
You're the person I love to hate. (can't believe I'm admitting it but I've dedicated 10 posts to you over the years)
What will I do when you're off the air? Who will I complain about yet continue to watch?
So, here's to you on your 25th season.
Love Amy
PS (to be read sarcastically)
You picked John Travolta as your first guest back? Really? I'm sure you could have found someone better.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Claire's 1st Dance Recital

Claire had her first dance recital this past weekend.
During the summer a cute girl in our ward, Desi, started dance classes. For $10 a month the kids got a lesson and a the most darling costume. Claire had so much fun!
I have video and might end up posting it because Claire was huge hit. Most of the girls her age were just standing there. But not Claire. She was shaking her little bum and dancing her heart out.
This recital was so cute. All three age groups preformed and did such a great job. Desi also made a video. I was very impressed. Well not really. I already knew this girl could do amazing things! That's why we love her. The one picture we got with she and Claire didn't turn out.
Dancing with her cousin Elysia

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Few Do's & Don't's

Now that I've been a mom of twins for a year here is a list of things I've been thinking about over the last year.

A few things you should never ever say to someone who is pregnant with multiples:

  • Good Luck (in a sarcastic tone)

  • So Glad It's You and Not Me

  • That Would Suck

  • That's going to be so hard

  • Telling stories about someone you know who has multiples and all the horrible things that have gone wrong

  • If the person looks like they haven't gained much weight and saying, are you sure you're still pregnant? maybe one didn't make it.

I heard all of these things when I was pregnant and let me tell you it did not help. I was about to jump off a cliff as it was and hearing those things didn't help. So my advice is, even if you're thinking you would never want twins don't tell the person who's having them. It only scares them more.

Not to be too negative here are some reasons why having twins is the absolute BEST thing in the world:

  • Best Friends. I love watching them play!!! The bond they have is amazing!

  • Only pregnant once, but you get 2 babies. That said it still sucks to carry more than one person around inside you.

  • Gain strong muscles. I really didn't need to do weights when I was carrying a carrier with a baby in each hand.

  • Work is Fun. People ask all the time "Is having twins so hard?". I tell them it's work. And it depends how you look at work. Having a baby takes work, so having more than one is even more so, but I try and see it as fun.

  • Dressing them alike. Probably the biggest regret I have is saying I would never dress them alike. What was I thinking? It's way too much fun!

  • Going to church. People look at us strange when we say we love church!! But it's true. It's a great 3 hour break for us. If you're in our ward then you know I'm telling the truth. I am almost never holding a baby. There are always people wanting to hold them.

  • Twins plus older kids is the best way to go. It sounds crazy but serioulsy I wouldn't have it any other way. There are many days that I find myself just reading or hanging out while the rest of my kids are all awake playing.

So there it is. What I've learned (not that much) in one year from being a mom of twins.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthday Party For The Twins

The girls woke up just like any other morning, having no idea that it was their special day!! They were grated by the rest of the family to presents and breakfast in bed. (well, sort of). They had their bottle but not just a regular bottle......whole milk!! What a treat! They drank that down pretty fast and were ready to open presents.
Big sisters were more than happy to help. playing with some new toys

Later that night we had the grandparents over for cake and ice cream.

Sydney all clean

Sydney enjyoing her cake
Bre all clean

Bre enjoying her cake

Bre enjoying her cake

I didn't get the best pictures but that's because so much was happening so fast.
Love you girls!!!

Happy Birthday Sydney

Dear Syd,
Happy 1st Birthday!! My goal when you and your sister were born was to get to know you as individuals.
I've loved watching you grow and getting to know you this past year.
You are so mellow and low key. You always have a smile on your face. You may be starving or need your diaper changed or even having your big sister Claire all over you, but I'd never know because you keep on smiling. Rarely crying.
You were born 2 minutes earlier than Bre making you the oldest. You seem to be content in any situation. Never needing to be in the spotlight.
You were the first to wave and say bye bye. You were also the first to stand.
I feel so blessed to be your mom. I can't wait to see what the next year brings.


Happy Birthday Breanna

Dear Bre,

Happy 1st birthday! I can't believe you're already 1!!!
I've loved getting to know you.
My goal when you and Syd were born was to get to know each of you as individuals.
I'm happy to say I know your little personality so well.
You love to giggle and play with all your sisters. You were the first to master sitting up, crawling and trying to walk. You know what you want when you want it. You love to tease and love being center of attention.
I'm so thankful I get to be your mommy!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Other Woman

Meet my husbands mistress......................
She rolls into town today at 6:00pm. Good thing I'm not threatened.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So Helpful

The twins are such helpful little girls.
Rearranging the fridge for us.... Taking out the dirty dishes.........
And making sure we get clean in the shower....