Sunday, April 28, 2013

Daddy Daughter TIme

At church on Sunday Bella did the sweetest thing. During sacrament she slid over by Seth and latched her arm into his and put her head on his holder. Then a few minutes later when I slid over she put my hand on top of his and hers on top of both our ours! Needless to say I was in tears.
Then tonight after she got home from Kenny's she was in on my bed telling me about her day when Seth walked in the room. She jumped up and gave him the biggest hug then she wanted dad to tuck her in and say prayers.
I needed to see both of those things this week.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gene Toolson

I got word tonight that Gene Toolson was in the hospital. After talking with LuJean I realized how serious it was. He was taken out of the ICU just today at 3:00pm. He's been there for 3 days.
His symptoms are kind of like a stroke but there is no way he'll ever recover from the things he lost.
I couldn't believe the emotions I felt. I've cried and cried tonight. He's such a good person. I feel so blessed to know he and LuJean!