Monday, March 29, 2010

Blessing Day

We finally blessed the twins! I know what you're thinking. You haven't blessed them yet? How old are they?
Part of the reason we waited so long was because we didn't take them to church for almost 4 months and then we had family things the other months. So that's why they are almost 7 months old.
Crazy! I never thought I would wait that long.
It was a great blessing. Seth did a wonderful job. If you were there and couldn't hear anything, it's because the mike was never by his face. Long story.
I was able to hear everything he said and I thought it was perfect.
It was so nice to have all of our family and friends (all 60 of you) there. We missed everyone who couldn't be there.
I was thinking Seth was taking pictures and he must have assumed I was taking pictures so that explains why we don't have a lot.
It was such a perfect day. Sydney and Breanna were such good babies.

My amazing friend Kim made these awesome cakes. If you're interested in having one go to Parsons Bakery and ask for Kim. I think they turned out wonderful! Thanks again Kim!
The girls with their cakes

Jami, Chad and Beth

Cute Linds has come to all of my kids blessings

Laura, Emmie & Melanie

My great parents who let us have the lunch at their house.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Deep Breath...Everything's OK

A few nights ago Seth and I went out and left all the kids with a baby sitter. Well not just one baby sitter....TWO!
Our normal babysitter, who we LOVE is only in 7th grade and I was worried that 4 would be a lot for her. Plus one of the main reasons I love her so much is that she plays and makes crafts with the kids the whole time. No movies, or computer. So I was worried that if she spent her time with the twins then the older girls would be left alone.
Anyway I found another girl, who is in 8th grade, and who came highly recommended.
We were both very nervous when we left. The only people who have watched the twins are family, so this was a big deal for us.
But we didn't need to worry. When we got home we found everyone fast asleep and the twins were happy as ever.
The feeling quickly turned from delight that all the kids were fine to sick to my stomach when I remembered how much I had to pay.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scripture Reading

While reading the scriptures this morning
Bella: "Mom I think I've heard this part before".

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Big Kid

Today I registered Bella for Kindergarten!
I can't believe the time has come. All of the sudden I understand what all the mothers before me meant when they said you blink and your kids are grown. I seriously feel like that. In fact I was feeling so emotional that I just did a post (I only saved it for my journal, I won't bore everyone else with it) about what each of my kids is like right now. I know I think I'll remember but the truth is I won't if I don't write it down.
I have to admit that I'm a little sad that Bella is going to kindergarten. She's totally ready and I know she'll do great. But part of me is sad that this is the last time she'll be with me all day every day.
Ok now, I know I'm going a little overboard. Considering the fact that she has been going to preschool for the last 2 years and it's only 2 1/2 hours a day which is the same as kindergarten. But there's just something about going to real school with a bunch of kids that I don't know.
Deep breath Amy! You have 5 more months before you need to start getting all worked up over nothing.

I don't know why she makes these weird faces. She had so much fun. She went right with all the other kids and took a tour of the school and the class room. She was most excited about seeing the play ground.

Bella and her friend Tanner

Kids Update

I was thinking the other day about each of my girls personalities and thought I should joural how they are right now.

Bella- Loves to play make believe. She is very good at playing pretend. She is just as social as ever. Always wanting to play with friends and go places. She loves to spend time with mom. I feel like she is always wanting me to spend time with her and play games, color or just watch a show.

Claire- The most active child! The only time she sits still is when she is watching Sesame Street and even then she gets up and walks around. She knows lots of words, shapes and numbers. She repeats everything and catches on very fast to anything new. She also loves to do whatever Bella does. She is very good at playing by herself or playing with others.

Sydney- She is starting to catch onto how to eat solid foods. She loves to talk to her sister Bre. She is very good at getting into the crawling position from her tummy. She also loves when her big sisters come around to talk and play.

Breanna- She can almost sit up by herself. She is also good at eating solids. she loves when her older sisters come around to play and talk.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I was wrong

There I said it.

That's a big deal.

Ask my husband.

I don't like admitting when I'm wrong

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A few letters

Dear Claire,
In the future I would really appreciate it if you would not stick your hand in your diaper and then eat the poop that you found in the diaper. Also if you do choose to do it, please only do it once not twice in the same day.
I in turn will not make you take a freezing cold shower to get clean.
Another thing..I know when you're sick it's not fun. But giving me dirty looks and saying "no mom", when I stayed up with you all night is not cool.
Love, Mom

Dear Twins,
Thank you for being so happy and staying healthy all week!! Sorry we had to cancel your blessing. One day soon you'll get your special day!
Love Mom

Dear Grandpa & Grandma,
Thank you for saving the day over and over this past week. We couldn't have made it without you. Your grandchildren and I are forever in debt. We love you,
Amy & Girls

my helper cleaning the babies and cleaning the kitchen
After playing hide and go seek and having some much needed one on one time(thanks Sissy)
Not the best picture of us. But this was the best I could get.
A few days before the Chinese tea party, b-day party, the birthday girl brought Bella over a dress to wear. She and all the little girls looked so cute in their dresses with their pretty chop sticks in their hair.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Amy & the terrible horrible no good very bad day

The last few days have been really hard on me. Claire woke up sick last week in the middle of the night. Seth took her to Primary Childrens Hospital where they said she had croupe. It's just a bad viral cough. It will go away on it's own and there is nothing to give her. I slept with her for two nights because she was in so much pain and just plain messerible.

Then one morning she woke up and kept saying her ear hurt. I made an appointment for the doctor. It was a crazy rushed morning. BElla was getting ready for school and I was trying to get everyone else ready to go to the doctor. Bella's ride came and as I was putting the twins in their car seats claire reached down her diaper and got dirahera poop and ATE it!!!! I was so sick to my stomach and mad. I threw her in a freezing cold shower and then got her ready to go. I put one baby in the car and when I came back in she was touching the other baby. I know she doesn't understand that she's sick and can't touch them, but I got mad at her. She ran to her room crying. After I came back from taking the other baby to the car I went to her room and gave her hugs and kisses and she promised she wouldn't touch her poop again.

The doctor said she had a really bad ear infection and gave us some medicine.

After we were done we picked up Bella from school and came home. I was getting the twins out of their car seats when Claire went down her diaper AGAIN and touched the poop. This time she didn't eat it but she did wipe it on her pants.

I threw her in another cole shower but this time made it even colder. I was sooo mad!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I can't believe the twins are old enough to eat rice cereal!
They both seemed to enjoy it. Although, they almost always have a smile on their face!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a lazy day

Bella and Claire coloring on my bed, while the babies blow spit and talk to themselves in their crib. What a relaxing day.