Monday, March 29, 2010

Blessing Day

We finally blessed the twins! I know what you're thinking. You haven't blessed them yet? How old are they?
Part of the reason we waited so long was because we didn't take them to church for almost 4 months and then we had family things the other months. So that's why they are almost 7 months old.
Crazy! I never thought I would wait that long.
It was a great blessing. Seth did a wonderful job. If you were there and couldn't hear anything, it's because the mike was never by his face. Long story.
I was able to hear everything he said and I thought it was perfect.
It was so nice to have all of our family and friends (all 60 of you) there. We missed everyone who couldn't be there.
I was thinking Seth was taking pictures and he must have assumed I was taking pictures so that explains why we don't have a lot.
It was such a perfect day. Sydney and Breanna were such good babies.

My amazing friend Kim made these awesome cakes. If you're interested in having one go to Parsons Bakery and ask for Kim. I think they turned out wonderful! Thanks again Kim!
The girls with their cakes

Jami, Chad and Beth

Cute Linds has come to all of my kids blessings

Laura, Emmie & Melanie

My great parents who let us have the lunch at their house.


Jenn said...

I thought Seth did great!! The blessings were very touching, and it says a lot since Joe gets nervous about 1 blessing, so we can't imagine two!!

bevany said...

I don't blame you for waiting so long. They both look beautiful and so do you. You're totally skinny and I love your hair! My favorite though are the cakes. They look awesome!

** Adrian ** said...

What a great day!! I'm glad that YOU could hear the blessings!! We were in the back & couldn't hear everything. From what I COULD hear, though I knew that Seth did a GREAT job!! You were smart to sit front & center where you could hear no matter what. I wish I would have done that with Kaitlyn's blessing since the microphone didn't work for her blessing either. Oh well!!

Those cakes are DARLING!!! I think that is the cutest idea ever!!

Sissy Jackson said...

LOVED the cakes. Save me some. Hay, where did you get those? The girls looked beautiful. So fun! I cannot believe that they are sitting up already. LOVE IT!

Sissy Jackson said...

Am, you are looking GREAT! I love your shorter hair. Very exotic, very chic! LOVE IT!

Amy said...

The girls are very cute in their blessing dresses. And who said babies had to be blessed when they are 2 or 3 months? :)

And how much did it cost to have 2 baby sitters? I have never had a 'real' babysitter either. I've thought about getting a couple girls to do it, but I wouldn't even know what to pay.