Sunday, March 7, 2010

A few letters

Dear Claire,
In the future I would really appreciate it if you would not stick your hand in your diaper and then eat the poop that you found in the diaper. Also if you do choose to do it, please only do it once not twice in the same day.
I in turn will not make you take a freezing cold shower to get clean.
Another thing..I know when you're sick it's not fun. But giving me dirty looks and saying "no mom", when I stayed up with you all night is not cool.
Love, Mom

Dear Twins,
Thank you for being so happy and staying healthy all week!! Sorry we had to cancel your blessing. One day soon you'll get your special day!
Love Mom

Dear Grandpa & Grandma,
Thank you for saving the day over and over this past week. We couldn't have made it without you. Your grandchildren and I are forever in debt. We love you,
Amy & Girls

my helper cleaning the babies and cleaning the kitchen
After playing hide and go seek and having some much needed one on one time(thanks Sissy)
Not the best picture of us. But this was the best I could get.
A few days before the Chinese tea party, b-day party, the birthday girl brought Bella over a dress to wear. She and all the little girls looked so cute in their dresses with their pretty chop sticks in their hair.


Kira said...

oh man, I hope this week is better as well. that is such a hard age. i've also noticed if i spend some 1 on 1 time with addie she is much happier as well. great job...honestly i have no idea how you do it. it probably feels good to get it out there doesn't it?? sheesh you are amazing. oh and we're praying for sunshine, too. we're going bonkers.

Sissy Jackson said...

YOU are a rocken cool mom and I think that you are doing an AMAZING job. HF only sends TWINS down to AMAZING me! LOVE U!

bevany said...

Oh man, I am laughing out loud at Claire. Such a funny story. You ARE an amazing mom. I don't know how you do it. Love the picture of you are Claire. One on one time is great!

Jenn said...

Yuck- sorry you had to deal with that! Sometimes I think they do that to get attention, because of the new baby (babies) Grace was terrible when Eva came, and I think that is great you are trying to do one on one with her. I bet that is exactly what she needs

Sid said...

what sweet girls! i love bella's cute dress!

Mikey, The Numbers Guy said...

The whole hand in the diaper and the eating of the poop never seems to go over well with parents. Maybe that's why some kids only use it as finger paint on the wall - they're just 'playing nice'

Beth said...

Poop? Seriously? Yuck. She is going to be so grossed out when she understands that at an older age.

** Adrian ** said...

Your letter Claire made me laugh... & sigh because I can relate-- sort of. This week Wyatt's "thing" is pooping in his bedroom while he's supposed to be napping & then if that wasn't bad enough he smears it into his carpet. I have cleaned his carpet twice this week. GRR! I guess no naps will be the solution for now. Gotta love being a Mom! What is it with kids & poop anyway?!?

Cute photos!! Bella looks so cute in that dress!

Emily P said...

We have been there with the poop stuff. Totally gross but kind of funny at the same time.