Thursday, February 5, 2015

Court....Finally Over

The night before court Seth and I commented to each other that we couldn't believe how calm and relaxed we felt. WE had FHE and then took the kids to the rec center to swim. 
We know it was because we were being carried by so many people's prayers. 
The trail was pretty much like Rob said- anticlimactic. Which was good. Infact at times it was pretty boring. Rob did a great job of defending us and not letting Kenny off the hook. Jenna tried to twist my words and flat out lied a number of times. But Rob said I did a great job. He said he hadn't seen a room that full in a long time. We had so many people come to support us. Kelli even drove down from Boise. It was so thoughtful. Also Kenny's mom and Phil apologized to my parents for Kenny's actions. They said they tried to talk him into doing the right thing but he wouldn't listen. That was nice to hear.
Now we just wait. The judge will let us know of her decision on the 24th. 
I love knowing that now matter what she rules I told the truth and this is over. Of course it's still hard with the custody, but I know Kenny's true colors will show through and things will go back to normal.
This whole thing has strengthened my testimony and made my love for Seth and the girls even stronger.

 Me and Rob
 Our friends "heart attacked" our house 
One of the meals we received before the big day

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

E-mail after court

This was the e-mail we sent the day after court:

We just wanted to take a minute and say how truly thankful we are for all of our friends and family. We've felt so much love from all of you these past 2 1/2 years. You've all been through this with us. And we really appreciate it!

Yesterday was long and exhausting so I'm sorry if I didn't respond to your text or call. And today still feels like I've been hit by a car. I guess that's normal since this is what we've been working towards for 2 1/2 years.

Many people asked how it went yesterday. 
In a nutshell, I'd say it went really well. Rob gave me high praise (something he never does) about how I did answering questions. To be honest I don't remember a lot. I was nervous, but he said I sounded sure of myself and  genuine. Jenna (Kenny's attorney) came at me hard and tried over and over again to twist my words and trap me into saying the wrong answer. She tried to bring up things that aren't relevant (my work experience 10 years ago, for example). But, I was honest and the answers came easy because I didn't have to make anything up. Rob said that the way I came across was confident and when Jenna was questioning me it looked like she was attacking and bullying and that the judge would notice that.
It was hard to watch Kenny lie under oath. 
It was also hard to watch Jenna say things about custody (which she wasn't suppose to) and also make me out to be money hungry.
But I think the hardest part for me was that Seth wasn't in the room until the very end. Because he was a witness he had to wait in another room until they called him, which was towards the end of the day. 
But it was such a relief to look out and see my friends and family (and know that Seth was just outside) and also know that people at home we're praying for us and cared.
I was also very impressed with Tess. I was so scared she would seem scared and timid, which would make her seem unreliable (Rob said). But she blew me away. She sat back in the chair and answered the questions honestly and with confidence. She came across as a good reliable witness. 
Tonya was great and so was Seth. Jenna came hard at Seth as well, and he got a little tongue tied, only because she tried to get him to say the wrong things, but Rob swooped in and fixed everything.

I thought Rob's closing statement was perfect. He said "Your honor I guess my question is "why not"? Why shouldn't Mr Byron be held accountable? To himself, to his daughter and to the court".
(I'm paraphrasing but that was basically it)
So once again I was reminded that I was in great hands all along. We had some unfair things along the way; bad judges (who were fired), bad evaluators, and bad attorneys (who drug this out longer than it needed), but all of those things were out of his control. When it came down to it Rob was honest and never lead us astray. He gave us good advice, always came prepared and did a great job.

Now the hard part will be waiting. The judge will give her decision on Feb. 24th. We know ultimately she could go either way. We told the truth and honestly gave a better argument, but as this whole thing has taught me people still have free agency and the Lord can't and won't step in for everything in life. I believe this was a trial for us based on choices Kenny made. This is a good lesson that the choices we make effect more than just us. Kenny thinks this was just about money. But the night I had to hold Claire as she cried herself to sleep because she missed Bella so much, was a good reminder of the scoop of this. I'm sure he nor I even knew how many people would be effected by his choice to have an affair 10 years ago. So, if things go unfairly we'll know that we were honest and can feel good about everything. 

The night before court, Seth and I both commented to each other that we couldn't believe how calm we felt. We knew we should be nervous and scared but we couldn't have those feelings if we tried. 
We know without a doubt it was because of all of your prayers, fasts and kind words. 
Of course we still have the mess with 50/50 custody and only time will tell what will happen. But I'm positive the Lord has a plan for Bella. She has so many people who love and care about her.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We love and appreciate all of you!


Seth & Amy