Monday, December 24, 2012

December Activities

We've had a fun month and it has flown by so fast!!
We visited Santa and had a carriage ride with Aunt Beth and Amber and their kids at the annual party at Colonial Square. 
We also had a family night decorating our ginger bread house!

Luke and Bella celebrated their birthdays at grandma and grandpa's and had a blast!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Bella's birthday was a huge success! We had our regular breakfast and presents in bed. She chose doughnuts. The twins gave her a stamp set and Claire gave her a coloring set. From her parents she got a new Christmas dress and a letter saying that in honor of her 8th birthday she would be getting her ears pierced!!! She could not contain her excitement!
 Later that night we went to Walmart where she picked out her birth stone for her new ear rins and it came with a matching necklace. As we were walking out of the store she "I just feel different". Cute

 The elf even remembered with a little note by her gifts.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Bella!

Dear Bella,
I can't believe you're 8 years old!! What an amazing time I've had with you over the past 8 years.
I've learned so much from you.
Every year around this time I get emotional thinking about the night before you were born. I felt so close to you and you weren't even here yet.
The things you've had to deal with in your 8 short years will know doubt make you a stronger and better person! I know the last 7 months have been hard, but they have made me know one thing for sure....Heavenly father sent you to me and dad for a reason. We can all learn so much form each other.
You have such a strong testimony and I love that you can't wait to get baptized. Dad is just as excited to baptize you.
I can't wait to see what this year brings.
I love you so much!!!! (As a big as the house)
Mom & Dad

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Heart ace for thanksgiving

Bella is gone for Thanksgiving and I am barley hanging on.
Kenny and I have been going back and forth through e-mails about this weeks schedule, all week. He should have Bella overnight and during the day tomorrow for Thanksgiving, but he said he will not be returning her until Sunday.
Oh it hurts! I miss her so much. She cried all the way to Kenny's. She said she never she tells him she misses me and wants to go home that he just says matter of factly "This is your home, I'm your daddy I love you and we need to spend time together".
She sent me 2 sweet text messages tonight but must have found out because he took the phone away. I bet she is so sad, which breaks my heart. He's trying t force this relationship on her and he's pushing too hard.
At least she still has the journal  hopefully he doesn't find it. It's the only way she has to communicate with me. But I have made copies for Rob, even if he does find it.
I miss her so much and so do the girls. This is going to be so hard on her. 4 nights and 5 days is too much especially since we are supost to be following what the commissioner said has happened in the last 7 years. So I guess I just pray like crazy that she's safe and then we file a motion that he was in contempt next week.
She's an amazing little girl and I know Heavenly Father and angles on the other side are watching out for her and taking care of her. She has so much ahead of her and Kenny is only hurting himself in the long run.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Utah game...sort of

Seth and the girls got so excited to go to the Utah basketball game but when they got there they realized it was the wrong day. 
Oh well, they got ice cream and still had a fun daddy daughter date.

Syd's Special Day

On Saturday Syd was the only one who wanted to go shopping with me. She loved being the only one and having her own cart. She was such a good helper!

Claire's Sleepover

Claire called grandpa and asked every day for 2 weeks if she could have a sleepover with grandpa. He finally said yes and she had a great time. In fact right before he came to get her she was in the kitchen doing jumping jacks and running around in circles because she couldn't calm down.
She played with grandmas ipad, took a bath and read stories with grandpa. She was in heaven. Then the next morning she got to go with Luke and Bella to grandparents and goodies at the school. 

Enjoying the leaves

I didn't get very many good shots. But I recorded a lot. They had so much fun and I'm glad we finally did it because it snowed the next day. I laughed because every time Bella or Claire would jump off the slide they would plug their nose. Bella said she was pretending she was jumping into a pool and Claire just copied Bella. The twins loved it too!

Twins visit the dentist

Syd and Bre had their first trip to the dentist. Cute Syd was too scared and sat on my lap when I first tried to take a picture she did this.
Bre was brave and hopped right up when it was her turn.
They both had no cavities and great teeth.
Bella and Claire were great helpers.

Happy Halloween 2012

Oh how I love Halloween!! I love that everyone in my family will participate in my group idea. I don't know how much longer this will last but I love every minute of it.
We took our usual visits to see grandma's and grandpa at work. And just like usual grandpa's work gave everyone enough candy that they didn't need to go out that night, but of course we did!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

UEA trip to Boise

We took a much needed vacation to Boise this last weekend. 
The kids LOVED it and so did we. 
First off was bowling and Laura who happened to be at a conference there was able to stop by and chat for a minute. Sadly this is the most I've seen her in awhile. 
Then that night Kelli took me on a girls night with some of her friends. Lots of fun!!! 
The next day we went to the Temple open house and that night Seth and Nate got to go out to eat and watch the Utah game.
So it went by fast but was so much fun!!
As we were getting ready to leave (still in the driveway) Bre says "I miss Hailee" and 20 minutes later Claire says "I can't wait to go back and have a sleepover with Hailee".
That about sums it up.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getting though

Tonight I wrote Kenny an e-mail pretty much begging for Bella to be able to come with us for at least one Halloween event. The school carnival, the ward party or trick or treating. They all fall on his nights and I knew it was a long shot but I thought I can't live with myself and look Bella in the eye if I haven't tried everything.
After I sent the e-mail I said a prayer that I could accept the things that come. This is so hard for me.
I hate knowing that Kenny can hurt Bella like this and watch her look at me like "why aren't you stopping it?".
But at the same time I know my Father in Heaven has a plan for me and my family, especially Bella.
I love her so much!
This trail will make me stronger I know it!

Friday, September 21, 2012


We've got 2 in soccer this year. It's so much fun. And Seth is loving being the coach!

1st Day of School

Since Bella wasn't here for the first week of school I had my do-over a week later.
Oh I just love these two!!

Syd & Bre's birthday Pictures

I've said it before but I have the BEST friends ever!
Given the state I was in with Bella being gone I wasn't up to pulling a party together. 
Sweet Linda Summsion made the twins their own cakes!!!
Candace hosted the party in her backyard and Chelsie donated the use of her slip n slide even though she was out of town.
And so many people showed up with only 2 hours notice on a Saturday.
Bottom line- the twins felt special on their 3rd birthday and that made me so happy!!

Happy Birthday Syd & Bre!!

With everything that happened with Bella being gone I wasn't able to do a proper birthday post for my sweet girls. But again thank you to everyone who made their birthday special.
I love these two! My life just would not be the same without them!

Bella's Home!!

The minute Bella walked through the door my life felt complete again. I've journaled everything about the 2 weeks but haven't posted because it was too personal. But for everyone who helped me through it, taking the twins, making us dinner, taking Claire and taking care of me when I couldn't get out of bed- THANK YOU!!!
I wish I had recorded the reunion that the girls all shared. 
That night w had a movie night and Bella stayed up until 11:30pm with me.

Dance Recital

The girls had a dance recital during the summer. It was Desi's last year of teaching dance. I have to say I'm really going to miss it. not only was it a bargain (only $10 a month and they made all the costumes) but they all had so much fun!