Thursday, September 18, 2014

No Words

A few days ago we go the report from Ann Trupp. And since then I've done nothing but cry. I know it was bad because Seth was crying.
It hurt so much I can't even find the words to write. I just feel sick to my stomach and sad all the time.
This report has no truth to it and hurts so much because she slammed our character. She made up things that didn't happen, twisted our words and left out key reports and testimony. All to fuel her side.
What makes me so sad is none of this is about Bella. It's about Kenny having rights.
We've met with Rob and feel that our best choice would be to give Kenny Anna's recommendation for parent time. This is hard, but Rob says we can document everything for 6 months and then go back to court and show the rope that Kenny hung himself with. Because there is no way he can do everything he says hes going to do.
The problem with this is I don't want Bella to get hurt. But Seth thinks he should give her a blessing that this short 6 months won't effect her. I know Kenny can't keep up with this schedule during good weather let alone during the winter. So Rob thinks getting this started by November/December is the best. I've tried talking to Bella about it to get her prepared but she just cries and says "why doesn't anyone care what I want?".

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gardening Class

The twins and their friend Claire took a gardening class at Woods Cross. They had a good time and were so well behaved. They looked so cute in the big high school desks.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Best Friends Even in sleep

I checked on the twins at night and saw this. Oh how I love these two!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Dear Syd

Dear Sydney,

5 years old! What a big girl you are! Just think, only 5 years ago you were this 4lb baby and now you're one of the tallest in your class!
You've learned so many things this past year. I'm so proud of the girl you are becoming. You always think of others first and love to share.
Me and dad love being your parents! You truly are such a blessing in our lives! And I don't know what I'd do without you!


Mom & Dad

Dear Bre

Dear Breanna,

Happy 5th birthday!! I can't believe it's here!
I have loved watching you grow this past year! You've learned so many new things. I especially love that I know I can always count on you to share with your sisters. You're the first one to offer something to someone else and the first to offer to help me.

Dad and I love being your parents! It truly is such a blessing!
We hope you have a great year!


Mom & Dad

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Syd & Bre

Started the morning off with presents and breakfast in bed. And what could be better than walkie talkies? They were so excited about them!

On Saturday Syd and Bre had a birthday party with some of their friends. We had cake and presents at home and then headed to Kangroo Zoo. Syd said "this is the best day ever!". Although Syd did get a mild concussion, not fun!
Linda made their Scooby Doo birthday cake and that was a hit! It was a great day!