Thursday, October 28, 2010

Such Is Life

Last Saturday when Seth was at the Utah game I thought I would take advantage of Snowbirds free tram ride and take the girls.
Little did I know we were in for quite an adventure.
As we were driving up the canyon it started raining. The further up we got, the more Bella complained that her tummy hurt. I told her as soon as we got there we would find a bathroom. (That usually helps).
We got to the parking lot and by this point it had started snowing. I loaded the twins in the stroller and we all started walking up the hill. As we were walking I noticed that Bella wasn't keeping up. Being the impatience horrible mom that I am I yell back to her that she needs to keep up so we don't miss the ride.
As I look back I watch in horror as she throws up.
Yes, we're talking on her face, coat, shoes, everywhere. And what can I do?
I felt so bad, but seriously I had the twins and Claire, and it was snowing.
So I tell her we're almost there and I'll get her a drink and we can find a bathroom.
Right then a man in a mini van pulls up and says, "Are you going to ride the tram? Cause they closed it because of the weather".
Just my luck.
We made it inside and I got Bella cleaned up.
They were giving away passes to come back and ride the tram another time.
My plan all along had been to ride the tram and then have dinner at the restaurant, because I had a coupon.
Of course with my luck I realize that I've left the coupon in the car.
I ask the lady how strick they are at the restaurant about coupons and she says "they are very strick".
So as I'm sitting there debating about what to do, who should walk up but one of my good friends from high school. BJ Blaser. If you know BJ you know he's a hugger. He came right up gave me a hug and what do I do?
Start crying of course. I really needed that hug.
I explained everything and since he wasn't going to be able to ride the tram either he offered to watch my kids while I ran back to the car to get the coupon.
I came back with my coupon asked the lady which way to the restaurant and she says "Oh it's closed".
Did she not just help me find the batroom beacuse of my sick kid, then tell me I need my coupon and then..... I don't know maybe see me with my 4 kids?!!!
BJ heard the whole thing and was nice enough to offer yet another hug and watch the twins while I got Bella a drink.
The only thing that came to my mind as I drove home was a saying my dad used to say when I was growing up, "such is life".
That about sums it up.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


  • Potty training the middle child is nothing like potty training the first
  • Why did I look up how many calories there were in a Dunford chocolate donut?
  • I could really use a massage
  • Am I ever going to see The Social Network?
  • I wish the weather would stay like this all year
  • Finding myself totally addicted to Alias
  • Wanting a six pack and being willing to do something about it are two totally different things
  • Afternoon Kindergarten is the best
  • I could play on the ground with the twins all day and never get sick of them
  • Why do I fantasize about winning the lottery, when I've never bought a ticket?

tHaT's AlL

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family Picture Time

We had some family pictures taken a few weeks ago and here are just a few. There was no way I was going to put all of them on here. There were just too many.
Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions for photographers. There are so many out there and it was so hard to choose.
all my cute girls!
I had to post this one of Claire even though I didn't post the rest of the girls.
This is just such a classic Claire shot. She is so freaking cute, but underneath that adorable smile lies pure mischief!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meet Bella's Soccer Coaches.............

A few weeks before soccer started I got a call from someone in the league saying that there was no coach for Bella's team. He was calling all the parents to see if anyone was interested.
Out of guilt I said yes.
When I told Seth I was the coach his response was,
"So you mean I'm the coach."
To which I said,
"Uh yeah. Unless you think I'm going to get out there with the twins and Claire. Then yeah you're the coach".
Don't let Seth's response fool you. He loves being the coach.
Bella loves it too. She was so excited when I told her.
Luckily for us she still thinks we're cool. Please no one tell her the truth. She'll figure it out on her own soon enough.

Coach Brown

Jaci and Bella finally got to play each other. They would have rather stayed on the side playing than play soccer.