Monday, August 22, 2011

Magic School Bus & 1st Day of School

Today was an exciting day. The first day of 1st grade for Bella!! This is huge, because it's ALL DAY!!!
Last night Bella and I packed her lunch, then she had a wonderful Father's Blessing and then it was off to bed.
But this morning when I got home from working out I noticed that her lunch bag was on the front porch. After questioning her about getting out of bed last night she assured me that she didn't. So we're pretty sure The Magic School came in the middle of the night and left her lunch in the fridge and filled the bag with surprises and left it outside. Just like last year.
She was so excited!!
Claire is hoping they remember her for her first day of pre school.
I have a feeling they will. :)
Opening all the goods
Traditional Front Porch 1st Day of School Picture


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grandma Okland

Jeanne passed away a few days ago and it was very sudden. She was so healthy that it's been such a shock to everyone who knew her.
As I've been thinking about her the last few days 2 words come to mind.
She forgave my mom over and over again. Always turning the other cheek and loving her unconditionally. Even when I would call and be frustrated about things she would say things like "I don't think she can help it" or "just let her be for a few months and she'll be better".
She was the most generous person. She continued to give us so much. Without her generosity I don't know how we would have made it these last few years.
I feel so blessed to have known her and be in her life for these last 16 years.
If I can take anything away from this it's that I want to be as forgiving and loving as she was to others when they've wronged me.
What a great example.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are You Kidding Me #29

A few days ago I took some wheat over to my parents house to grind into flour.
Things got busy and I forgot about my flour and left it in the kitchen. Within a matter of minutes of the twins finding it they went to town making a huge mess! Poor Seth had just moped the floor too.
It took 2 baths, 1 shower and lot of combing to get all the flour out.
They turn 2 next month.....should I be scared?