Friday, March 19, 2010

Kids Update

I was thinking the other day about each of my girls personalities and thought I should joural how they are right now.

Bella- Loves to play make believe. She is very good at playing pretend. She is just as social as ever. Always wanting to play with friends and go places. She loves to spend time with mom. I feel like she is always wanting me to spend time with her and play games, color or just watch a show.

Claire- The most active child! The only time she sits still is when she is watching Sesame Street and even then she gets up and walks around. She knows lots of words, shapes and numbers. She repeats everything and catches on very fast to anything new. She also loves to do whatever Bella does. She is very good at playing by herself or playing with others.

Sydney- She is starting to catch onto how to eat solid foods. She loves to talk to her sister Bre. She is very good at getting into the crawling position from her tummy. She also loves when her big sisters come around to talk and play.

Breanna- She can almost sit up by herself. She is also good at eating solids. she loves when her older sisters come around to play and talk.

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