Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ahh..I feel much better

Today was such an exciting day! Our little Bre has slept through the night 4 days in a row!! Hooray!! Syd is close but not quite there.
So that's exciting news but the real exciting news was I had a day basically to myself. My friend Kim called this morning to ask if she could take the twins for the day. What? Who does that? Of course I said yes, as fast I could before she could realize what she was getting herself into and change her mind. And I'm not kidding, maybe 2 minutes after she called my sister in law Kelli called to see if she could take the girls for a day. Then, not kidding again, my friend Amber called to see if she could come hold babies or take the girls. I couldn't believe I had 3 offers in one day!! How lucky am I?
Since Kim had the twins and Bella ended up going with grandpa, after preschool, it was just me and Claire. We both took a much needed long nap and then headed to Cutlers for a cookie and some alone time. It was great.
I feel so relaxed and ready to tackle another day.
Thanks everyone who made it possible.


Chuck said...

It's because I feed them so well, burp them and change them at 10pm that they just snooze. You're welcome.

Kira said...

you have such amazing friends! with just two kiddos i'm in need of a day alone AND a good long nights sleep. doesn't it feels so good to get recharged?? (ps. i love chuck's comment...don't let him take all the!

Krista said...

lucky you! did you take up all 3 offers and spread it out a bit?

Karen said...

Amy, you have way awesome friends!

Karen said...

By the way, who is Chuck??? Is that you, Seth?

amyandseth06 said...

Yes Karen Seth is Chuck. When I first met him I didn't even know his real name was Seth. My brother and all his friends called him Chuck. It was confusing for awhile. My sister would call him "seth-chuck" because we couldn't figure it out.