Monday, November 30, 2009

Headlines I can't stop thinking about...

So this is what happens now that I'm back to the gym in the mornings. I watch the news and can't stop thinking about the stories. And since the news is mostly depressing I start my off thinking about how the world must be coming to an end because of all the bad things that are happening. So here's a few of the stories I can't stop thinking about from the past few days.

  • Max Hall: okay cougar fans, seriously, he was kind of a jerk.
  • 4 Police Officers Killed in Washington: I can't stop thinking about it. So senseless.
  • Shaniya Davis: If you haven't read this story it's pretty hard to stomach. Her mothers behavior is unforgivable in my opinion.
  • Nutty Putty: What an interesting story. I feel for his pregnant wife. I've actually been inside this cave; maybe it's a good thing it's closed.
  • Tiger Woods: Hmm...what really happened?
  • White House Dinner Crashers: The more I read about these 2 the more I dislike them. But I am kind of glued to this story since they somehow managed to get passed all the security.
  • Adam Lambert: Gross. I was a fan when he was on American Idol. He is so talented. But now I'm totally grossed out.


bevany said...'s what I have to say.
Yeah, Max Hall was kind of a jerk, but is it really worth all the attention it's getting. I've seen interviews with more than one Utah player who's said almost the same thing towards BYU. Especially that Morgan Scowley guy (or however you spell it) a few years ago. He called them the P word. Granted it wasn't right after they beat them, but still. I don't think it's that different.
I haven't heard of most of the rest of those stories, but I'm with you on Adam Lambert. I didn't see the performance, but I guess I'm glad I didn't. He's totally nasty. I think the white house crashers is a pretty interesting story.
Sorry for the novel. Cute picture of the four girls in the last post!

Kira said...

sadly enough i know nothing about any of these events except for nutty putty. john was a friend from high school and our class president, the nicest nicest person. i feel for his wife as well. so so sad. i couldn't stop think about what a sad situation that was!

Jenn said...

Yea- I think things have been sad lately. Certainly stop watching the news while you work out. It will make you thin, but depressed!!

Krista said...

seriously! i was just tellin ryan how i haven't watched any news all week but turned it on this morning and the first thing i hear about is some gym teacher who is a molester. so sick of hearing bout crap like that.
also, i made eye contact with tiger once, in HI after one of his balls nearly hit me in the head. it was a look that lingered...ry was a day short of asking for my hand...after witnessing the tigers stare he knew i was the one! ha