Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ocotber has come and gone..

I'm a little behind in my posts. Considering it's November and I posted nothing about Halloween or anything that we did in October. So here's a re-cap.

played in the leaves in the back yard decorated sugar cookies

went to the ward Halloween party and trick or treating.
If you were at the ward party you saw my costume. The saddest part was I had puppy costumes for the twins, but they never actually went anywhere and I didn't dress them up for a picture. (I wanted to return the costumes since they didn't get worn). Oh and if you're wondering why Bella isn't a puppy, it's because she would have nothing to do with my theme for Halloween. She wanted to be a cat and that was that. Although, it was a great idea since she already had the leotard from dance, and the cat ears were in the play room. We kind of pooped out on Halloween this year, especially since usually we all get dressed up. I just keep reminding myself that next year will be better, since I won't have 7 week old twins.

and last but not least, what would Halloween be without a trip to Gardener Village? So much fun!


Sid said...

I love October! sounds like you guys had fun!

bevany said...

Wow, I can't believe you went to Gardner Village. It looks like a fun month. I love your costume!

** Adrian ** said...

It's a bummer your twins didn't get to join in on the Halloween fun, but I totally would have done the same thing. There's just SOO much sickness going around right now. It's scary this year!! You looked awesome in your costume!! I honestly didn't even recognize you until you said hello! haha

I love your pictures! I'm jealous of you going to Gardner Village. I have never been there & I know my kids would love it!

Chuck said...

Look at the camera, Bella! You're killing me.