Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Late Birthday

This is a little late. About a month to be exact.
We had just gotten back from Disneland when it was Seth's birthday and the weather was bad so we postponed his party until now.
It was lots of fun to have our families over for dinner and cake and ice cream.
I took sooo many pictures and I couldn't post them all (they'll be in the scrapbook) but here's a few from our fun day. The Birthday Boy

Football cake that Kim made

Kelli & Beth

Grandma Jan and Breanna


Sid said...

happy birthday!

Beth said...

Uhm...I'm pretty sure you need to delete that picture of me at the end. Seriously? Yikes.

Jenn said...

Happy Late Birthday, Seth!! Your fathers day post was really sweet, and Joe would be so jealouse of the cake, and that Seth has taught Bella and Claire Utah man!! I need to tell Joe so he can get started!!

kl said...

Thanks for having us over! Happy birthday Seth! And I just read your father's day post - - oh so cute. That is awesome Seth gets up with the kids at night and doesn't wake you up! I'm the exact opposite, if I am up so is everyone!! lol. Nice work guys!

Krista said...

i read you wanted to make more vegetarian like's a blog i thought you'd might like

Kira said...

chuck, your getting to be such an old fart. i can say that since nate is just as old and i love teasing him. you both look way younger though! oh and happy birthday! nice utes cake. hope you guys are getting excited for the utes this fall. we sure are. i hear you've got the girls singing the fight song. nice!!!