Monday, July 5, 2010

What a 4th!

The weekend came and went so fast. I guess that's what happens when you do a lot.
I was being lame and wanted to stay home and be low key, but Seth talked me into seeing fireworks at Eaglewood with my family and some friends. Turned out to be lots of fun. (Of course we payed the price the next day with grumpy kids. But it was worth it).
Then on the 4th we went across the street and watched our favorite neighbor put on an amazing fireworks show. He does this every year and it never disappoints. His wife buys lots and I mean LOTS of glow sticks for all the kids. This year she added star wands, rings and ear rings to the mix of glow stuff. At one point all the kids were more interested in the glow sticks than watching the awesome fireworks. I wish I'd taken a picture of that.
Then after the fireworks Seth and Bella slept in the tent in the backyard. This has become a tradition and Bella really looks forward to it. Claire kept calling the tent the "castle". Maybe next year she'll get to sleep out there with them.
Seth said right after this picture Bella put her head down and was out.

Claire & grandpa

Claire with the teenagers (she thinks Desi is her friend not Emmie's).

Bella & Darci


Sid said...

looks like fun! jamie said the fireworks at eaglewood were way fun!

Amy said...

Such a fun tradition to sleep in the backyard! Eaglewood's fireworks were good.

Jenn said...

Looks like a ton of fun!!! We saw the barkers fireworks from our house. Very impressive

kl said...

FUN! Ahh, sleepovers in the backyard - - fun tradition!! We tried that last year and the boys were up foreverRRR!! Way to go Bella!!

bevany said...

SO CUTE that they sleep in the backyard in the tent. What a fun tradition!

Anonymous said...

I freaking love Seth for sleeping in the tent with Bella! That is cute!

Kira said...

how fuN! i love traditions but we don't have too many yet as a family. such a fun holiday. we were pretty boring this year. kudos for doing so many fun things with all your kiddos!