Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blogging loser

The other night Seth said said to me "why haven't you updated your blog lately".
What? Did my husband really say that?
This is huge since he usually only takes time to mock my blog. If you don't believe me check any comments made by "chuck".
Well turns out he was right. It's now the middle of July and I've only made one post! I try not to be one to make excuses for things. But that said it has just been one crazy busy summer and I haven't had much time. Lame I know. Actually the truth is I have blogged a lot for my journal but I haven't posted anything. Even more lame, I know.
But just know I've still been reading everyone else's and I will be better I promise.


Jenn said...

I feel the same way!!

Sissy Jackson said...

hay hot blogger...get me your kids birthdates and I'll tell you when you conceived them...did I spell that right? lOVE YOU!

bevany said...