Friday, June 18, 2010

Project Bug

I feel like I've been bitten by the project bug lately.I have 3 projects that I've been working on.
The first was a bunk bed.
About a week ago I got a call from someone in my ward asking if we wanted a bunk bed or if we knew someone who would. All I could think was, how fast can I say yes without looking too desperate? I hadn't even seen it, but I knew better than to be picky if it was free.
Luckily for me it was perfect! I knew my girls would love it. Each bunk has it's own shelf.
I was excited and worried to try and re-paint it.
I called one of the best (my cousin Christy) for advice and was ready to go.
I spent 1 day sanding it and 3 days painting.
I realized something about myself while I was painting.
I lOvE tO pAiNt!!!
I guess that explains why every room in my house has been painted some more than once.
Bella was super excited about the whole thing. She couldn't wait to put all her stuff on the shelf. She also was excited that I finally let her use the new bedding. I bought it on eBay when I was pregnant with the twins. But I said we would have to wait to use it until we had a bunk bed.

Before the paint job.
The second project I've been working on were these adorable aprons.
Bella has been asking for an apron like mine every time we cook. (She has one but has out grown it).
I looked on line but all the ones I liked were between $20-$30. That seemed like a lot to me. Especially since I would need 4.
So long story short, I bought some fabric (only paid $5) and a sweet older lady from my ward helped me sew them (by help, I mean she basically did everything. I brought all 4 kids, her idea not mine. She had toys out for them to play with, but in the short time we were there I spilled baby food on her rug and Claire had a blow out diaper that left her naked). We were able to make 3 aprons from the stuff I bought (I did sew one of the aprons by myself before we had to leave).
I'm so happy with how they turned out!

I realized I haven't put any new pictures up of the twins. Here they are watching the girls play in their new beds. (Sydney is on the left and Breanna is on the right).The 3rd project is kind of Seth's not mine. We're putting sprinklers in the back yard. So more weed pulling, tilling and finally adding sod. Didn't we do this last year?
Pictures to come..


Chuck said...

Yes, "WE" did do it last year.

** Adrian ** said...

GREAT job!! The bunk beds look AWESOME! They are practically identical to the ones I was telling you about...SNIFF!! Oh well. Maybe I'll get them back one day!

The aprons are darling, too!

I can't believe how much Syd & Bre are growing & changing!! They are SOO CUTE!!

bevany said...

I love that Seth comments on the blog. The bunk beds look awesome. We have bunk beds for the girls and they love them. Way to go re-painting them! The aprons are WAY CUTE!!! I bet my mom would make some for me if I got the fabric...I may have to copy you. (Not that I ever really cook.)
And hooray for matching purple shirts. The twins are the cutest!

Beth said...

All of the projects look really good! GO crafty women! I love Claire's sassy little stance in the apron pic. And the twin are sitting UP! Awesome.

Jenn said...

Good job, Amy!! Could you have any cuter kids? Look at them- they are darling!!

Sid said...

the beds look awesome! and the aprons are darling! good job!

Liz said...

look at you go! I love it! Your girls are so cute.
Hey, I'm changing my email. Will you re-invite me to your blog?

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

I'm super impressed by your craftiness!!!

Amy said...

LOVE the bunkbeds. They turned out so cute. And I am impressed that you made an apron. Very cute.

And I love that you talked to my husband at the store. (at least I am pretty sure it was you) And I love your line 'I don't know you, but I read Amy's blog.' Perfect.

And of course all your girls are beautiful.

Sissy Jackson said...

Amy, Bunkbeds are darling...Aprons are so cute and the twins are ADORABLE! See you in a week.