Monday, June 7, 2010

2nd times a charm.....well maybe not

Today while Bella was at her swimming lesson I decided to take Claire to get a slurpee. I realized that she's never had one and I didn't want a repeat of my horrible mothering skills. (Click on the link if you need a reminder).
As we pulled into the parking lot Claire says "what's this place mom?". Have I really never taken her here, I thought?
Anyway she was in heaven! She drank almost the entire thing and never complained of a head freeze.
When we picked up Bella I asked her if she wanted some of Claire's slurpee to which she says "what's a slurpee?".
Are you kidding me? What is wrong with my children? Or better yet, what is wrong with their mother?


Sid said...

it's ok... my kids never knew what mcdonalds was till a couple months ago. i actually think it's a good thing!

Amy said...

No worries. My kids would have no clue what a slurpee was. There are far worse things too. That pic of her is so cute.

Sissy Jackson said...

I love it. I remember we usto have Saturday Slurpee day down next to East High! So fun. Well, you are not totally are catching up. The movie is with the funny steve guy. Take the girls. They will LOVE IT!

Jenn said...

She looks like she is loving it so she probably knows what a slurpee is now!!

bevany said...

ha ha ha...yeah, what's wrong with you? At least they know what Coke is, right?