Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Late Father's Day

I always get emotional when Fathers Day rolls around.
I have been blessed with, what I think is the best dad. If I could be even half as giving and selfless as he is I would be a better person. He is always serving my family and anyone he comes in contact with. I had a great childhood and I owe it to him. I can't count the number of times Seth or I have said "we would never make it without him". I am so thankful for you dad!! Love you!
My kids might argue with me and say that they have the best dad. I have to agree that he is wonderful to them. He does all the things that a great dad should do. Teaching Bella how to ride a bike in the church parking lot, tickling Claire until she can't talk, and taking the twins on nightly walks.
He is also the one who gets up with the kids at night. I'm a heavy sleeper, but he has very rarely woken me up. in fact there have been several times I didn't know until morning that he got up with sick kids. Even cleaning up throw up and not telling me until morning.
And of course he has taught the older girls the Utah man song. They can both sing it without any help. Poor guy is totally outnumber around here and the girls have him wrapped around their finger. He would do anything for them.
I love you, Seth!! Thanks for everything you do!

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sally said...

great Dad's... the world needs more of them. love Mom