Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A peek inside the random thoughts in my head

  • loVe thAt the tWIns stop crying the MinUte they touch eacH oTHer
  • Will Arnett hAs a reoccurring role on Sesame Street. MakeS it tHat mUCh moRe fUn to waTCh witH ClaiRe
  • oUr neigHBor coMing oVEr to tell us she bACked inTo oUr caR
  • thE drYeR is BrokEn. niCe timIng
  • tOOk beLLa to gEt nEW shoEs. paID for It bIg timE. StupiD C-Section.
  • NAp tIme iS the bEst Time
  • FYI Dave Lettermen: iT wasN't A shocK.
  • nO moRe jOn & katE. UsEd to bE a fAn, nOt anYmoRe
  • can'T maKe it tHRough a daY withOut a tREat
  • cLaIre hoLDing mY haNd wHIle we waTCh barNEy


Jessica said...

LOVE em!

Lindsey said...

Will Arnett is SO FUNNY as the magician. The baby announcement is beautiful! I don't know if I ever actually sent you my address - I'll email it. xoxo

bevany said...

I love the magician too. I made Mike watch it one night :) And I'm SO DONE with jon & kate. Yuck!

Jenn said...

Yea- Jon is a creep. I have never really watched it, but news about them is everywhere. That is sweet Claire holds your hand during Barney!! Sweet, Claire!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that I was there when the lady came over to say she backed up into your car! HEheheh!!

Krista said...

treats = sanity
i look forward to my cookies and milk when both kids are sleeping int he evening.

Sissy Jackson said...

Pretty good thoughts for a chick with 4 still have your mind!

kl said...

The simple things. That's what matters.