Saturday, October 17, 2009

Confessions #2

Last year I copied my cousin and did a confessions post. It was so liberating that I've decided to do it again. I've kept a few of the same things from my last post and I might add more as I think of them.

  1. I saw Paula Abdul in concert with my dad and Fred when I was 12. I don't know if I should admit that. Although I did admit that I saw Elton John in my last confessions post. I'm not sure which is more embarrassing?

  2. I'm pretty sure there's an 80 year old woman trapped in my body. My husband will tell you I'm basically blind, deaf and I consider 10:00pm late.
  3. I'm as punctual as most men. There have been many times I've had the girls and myself ready for church in the car waiting for Seth. That's not normal, I know.
  4. I Lie. A lot. Some times I don't even notice. Like when I bring you soup, and you ask if I made it myself and I say yes. What I mean is I bought it at Marie Calendars.
  5. I have no fashion sense. Some days I can pull off a good outfit, but most days I'm one step away from wearing white socks and tevas, which I hear is a fashion faux pas.
  6. I love doing cross word and sudko puzzles. The only other people I know who like doing them are Stanley from the Office and my dad. Oh and I bet if I went to a retirement home I might see some people doing them.
  7. I have never breast fed my babies. For all the people that just assumed I did other wise and have asked how it was going; see #4 for what I probably told them.
  8. I've been told by friends that I'm more like the man in my relationship. (see #1 & #2)
  9. I watched Adventures in Babysitting so much as a kid I wore out the tape. To this day I can quote the WHOLE thing. I could pull a rain man right now and do the entire movie if you want to come over.
  10. I usually have more than one treat a day, but I'll tell you I only had one. (see #4)
  11. I have a guilty pleasure that I watch on E!. I won't tell you what it is, you might judge me. (No, it's not The girls next door)
  12. In 2008 I saw 1 movie in the theater.
  13. I can't dance. If you have any doubt I know there's a copy of the skit the SBO's did my senior year, floating around out there, to prove it.
  14. Some times I can't tell the twins apart.
  15. I'm a huge nerd. (see #1, 2, 5, 6, 12, 13)

Seriously, that felt good. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. The question is will I still have friends after this post?


bevany said...

We're totally alike. I'm always the first one anywhere...even when I TRY to be late. I love this post...some of them sound familiar. #7 is my favorite. Yay for bottles!

Jenn said...

I hated breast feeding, so I totally respect it!! The twins- I could see that being a difficult task. And I agree about being on time- I HATE being late for anything!!! I loved your list!

Whitney said...

You are so cute! I love the confessions!

** Adrian ** said...

I love your confessions posts, too!! I wish you could rub off that "on-time-ness" onto me. I can only manage to be on time if Nate is going, too 'cause he HATES being late. If it's just me or me & the kids I'm late. It drives me nuts, but it's true!

I love doing Sudoku puzzles, too. Nate got me hooked on them!

Krista said...

i wish i had seen paula. i heard elton was boring..but not embarassing! i too am deaf and punctual. and can relate to a few others.
loved this!

Krista said...

p.s. i hate nursing too. but eliza spews up until bile comes up. any suggestions?

amyandseth06 said...

I have no idea. I've had pretty good luck with formula. I've heard there are other formulas just for spit up problems. Sorry I'm no help.

Sissy Jackson said...

I would pay MONEY to see you dance. Love your list. LOVE IT!

amyandseth06 said...

I knew you would find that one funny!

Nate, Jenny and Amelia said...

So funny. That gave me such a kick! I don't dare to post something like that - which is why you are so awesome! I hope you are all doing well!

Kathy said...

Amy you are too funny!! And the babies are absolutely beautiful.