Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are You Kidding Me #22 - Former teacher pleads guilty to sex with student; community reacts

A few weeks ago we were at dinner with some friends and he just happens to produce the evening news for KSL. I'm fascinated with his job, by the way. Anyway we got talking about this story and he had read the police report and said it was very graphic and pretty gross. Well, now the guy has come out and said he is guilty. As I was reading the article I noticed that not only is he a seminary teacher, he is in his 60's (gross!, she is high school age for crying out loud) and he's a bishop! So my question to him and others like this is, are you kidding me? We give these adults positions of power, with our children and they totally abuse it. Now don't get me wrong I've worked with teenagers and I know kids, they can manipulate any situation. But seriously he was the adult. It seems like it's been happening a lot lately. There was a teacher at Bountiful Jr High, a few months ago that turned herself and another teacher in. I know people that know these women and they say they just made a mistake. I guess you could call it that. As I think more about it, this is a situation that has been going on for a awhile now. Mary Kay Letourneau ring any bells?
I'm not a big fan of home schooling. Please don't debate me on this. Do whatever you want. But I can see why people would want to home school and be in control of who is around their children. I guess what I really got thinking about after reading this article was that when we make choices they effect other people. I had to learned this the hard way during my divorce and I'm sure everyone has a story where someone else did something and they felt the consequence. Some times it's drugs or alcohol or even just selfishness that makes us and others make poor decisions. I just hate when the choices are bad and effect me.
Hopefully I can do a good job with my kids. I'll cross my fingers for their sake.


Krista said...

that stuff makes me sick. i hate hearing of it especially in the church.

Jenn said...

That does make me worry.

Mikey, The Numbers Guy said...

It can happen to anyone. So sad.