Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Few Things That Made Me Happy Today

1. The sunshine
2. Claire's health (she's getting over a UTI and pneumonia)
3. Friends who take Bella for play dates in the afternoon so I can rest
4. Going to the gym
5. Eating afternoon treats with Bella
6. New playground toys for the backyard
7. My dad for helping put the toys together
8. Husband who gave me my mothers day present early (a gift certificate for a pregnancy massage)
9. Shopping with my girls (I'm training them early)
10. Great neighborhood and friends


bevany said...

Going to the gym makes you happy? Girl, you are crazy. How sad Claire's been so sick. I'm glad she's doing better. Good post...maybe I'll try and be positive today :)

Jenn said...

What a cute, positive person you are!! Thank you for accepting to fill in. You can still back out if it is too much. I feel so guilty that I asked you, but you are such a good friend, of course you said yes!!

The Johnson's said...

I love this post! I need to be better about noticing the GOOD things around me!!

I'm glad Claire is getting better. That is the WORST when kids are sick!

I'm happy for you that you get to have (or have had!) a massage. When I was in the hospital I got to have them every week. They were WONDERFUL!!! I'd never had one before then & honestly I didn't think I ever WANTED to have one...but I tried it & LOVED it!! They're so relaxing.

PS...sorry I couldn't come today. I would have LOVED to. It feels like we haven't been able to talk forever!

The Johnson's said...

OH! One more thing--thanks again for the Gilmore Girls DVD's. I'm loving Season 3!! They're going to help keep me sane while Nate's out of town. (He left yesterday & will get back on Monday.) Thanks!! ;)

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

I am extremely impressed you are still making it to the gym being pregnant let alone with Twins...oh, and 2 kids!!! That's awesome.

Lawsons said...

dito! i love the list and isecond it!

Amy said...

Happy Mothers Day!