Monday, May 18, 2009

Catch Up

I've had a few things I've been meaning to post but never did. So here are some pictures from the last month. Claire just being cute with her new headband

Friends enjoying a HUGE donut

Kiss for dad on mothers day


Jenn said...

I love your pictures!! Cute one of Claire with her headband!

** Adrian ** said...

I love them, too!! Claire looks SOO grown up with her darling headband!!!

kl said...

Funny!! And I want that donut, where's it from and do they have a chocolate-chocolate one? ;)

amyandseth06 said...

Kelli & Jami,
That donut was from a place in Kaysville my friend Jenny told me about. I didn't have it, but the girls LOVED it! Seriously that thing was as big as my head.

Kira said...

gimmie some of that donut, seriously! that sucker looks like it could feed a large family. yummy! I love clairs head band, does she leave it on? what a sweetie. she look so much older than Adelyn with all that hair, lucky!

lifeisgood said...

Dang you are funny! I just love reading what you say because you are so funny. Thanks for sharing your life with me.