Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hair Impaired? Yes That's Me

I feel so bad for my children. They have a mom who doesn't know how to do hair.
It's true. If you've seen my kids then you know I'm telling the truth.
I mean I can barley do my own hair let alone theirs.
Then irony of irony I got 4 girls. How is that fair?
A few months ago I was discussing this with a friend and she said "oh yeah, I totally understand I'm hair impaired too".

hAiR iMpAiReD!!

That's a perfect way of describing me.
After my friend gave me a word to describe me I was feeling better about my situation and I'll be honest I was using it as an excuse for my lack of hair skills.
All that changed when I was out to dinner with some friends and someone mentioned that you can go on youtube and find videos on how to do hair.
That means I can't use excesses any more.
So this summer I'm challenging myself to learn how to do more than straighten Bella's hair with a straightener or pull Claire's hair up with a clip.
Try not to laught if you see my children at church or the park and they look ridiculous.
Just know their hair (and their mom) is a work in progress.


Beth said...

Hahaha. One more reason to be excited for summer. I would also classify myself in the same category but I've got a little while before anyone around here has hair:)

** Adrian ** said...

I know how you feel! I have always said that I didn't inherit the "hair gene"... my Mom & 2 sisters DID! I've gotten better with my girls hair as they've gotten older, but still struggle with what to do with MINE! I recently discovered youtube videos for "grown up" hairstyles! :) I'll be checking them out soon!

Have you ever checked out any of the little girl hairstyling blogs?? Here's a fun one to check out: The Mom is from Utah-- I saw her on Good Things Utah either last week or the week before! She has a lot of fun styles.

Kira said...

that's pretty funny. at least your willing to work on it! and at least your girls have hair, lol! i didn't know there were such videos out there.

Jenn said...

I know what you mean! All I can do is put a barrett in their hair, and send them on their way!!

bevany said...

Yeah...I ALWAYS pull my girls hair up in a clip. I'm lucky if they get a pony tail or a braid every once in a while. I don't have the patience to sit and try out some fancy hair do every day. It's not worth it to me. You're not hair impaired, you just have more important things to worry about. They always look cute!