Friday, May 14, 2010

California Day 3

Today we went back to Disneyland. We mostly stayed in California Adventure. Once again we were able to walk on most every ride. I couldn't believe it. It was great!

After lunch we headed back over to Disneyland and rode a few rides we missed from the day before. We were able to get everything in that we had missed from yesterday, which was only 3 rides. Then we headed back to California Adventure to have dinner with the princesses.

Both the girls loved it! Claire was so excited. Bella seemed excited at first but I think she's kind of getting too old.

After dinner Seth took the shuttle back to the hotel to get the car and I stayed with the girls to watch the parade. That turned out to be the best decision! They were both in heaven. We were in a perfect spot and they both really got into it. Especially Claire. She was dancing and waving and shouting out every characters name. It was so fun to watch!

Tomorrow we're headed to the beach.

I talked to Laura today and she's been having so much fun with the twins. Her kids are in heaven watching them. My dad and Jan took over this afternoon and they've already sent a few pictures. I think the twins are getting spoiled rotten! I'm so glad!

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