Monday, February 15, 2010

Personal Stylist

For Christmas my sister Laura gave me a one hour consultation with a personal stylist. Since I'm always complaining that I feel like I have no sense of style, this was the perfect gift. I've been saving it to use for my birthday and today I finally did. Let me just say that I loved it!!!!
I've told so many people about it and many have said they wanted to know more about it.
So here's the run down.
The company is called If you're here in Utah there are a few different companies that offer this kind of thing. I know someone who went with the "chic on a shoe string" lady from Good Things Utah and they really liked her. But since I had the free hour I went with total style solutions. They offer many different services. (Check their web site for everything). I chose to do the wardrobe planning. It was great. She came to my house and we spent time going over what colors were best for my skin tone, what style of clothes I should wear and most importantly we went through my closet. This was great. I had so many questions. Mostly about jeans. I've never felt that I wore the right jeans for my body type, so this part was especially helpful for me. We talked about shoes and shirt and shirt length. We also talked about accessorizing. Something else I'm not that good at.
By the end of our time I had a pile of clothes to get rid of and about 5 new outfits. Keep in mind I never went shopping! She was able to help me with stuff I hadn't been wearing and how to match it with other things and make it look cute.
One of the biggest reasons I loved this was because it was a complete stranger being brutally honest. I know I have a closet full of clothes, yet I'm only wearing the same 8-10 pieces. I also knew that there were things I needed to get rid of because they didn't fit right or were just plain out of style.
With the help of the stylist I feel like I'm ready to go shopping. She even said if I questioned anything I could call or send her a picture of what I'm looking at and she'll help me. I'm so excited! I have a day full of shopping planned for tomorrow. Oh and did I mention...NO KIDS!!!! (Thanks Marianne). Hooray!!!! I might actually get something accomplished.

If you're interested call Tressa at 801-755-0925.


Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

That's sweet. The honesty of a stranger can be valuable, I want to do that!

** Adrian ** said...

How great is that?!? That sounds so great. I could really use some help in the fashion department, too. . . I already know that nearly my entire wardrobe needs to be either thrown out-- or maybe just put back in NATE'S closet. I usually just wear his old work t-shirts. It's pretty pathetic, I know. What I need is someone to help me spend some $ on myself. I really struggle with that. When I get any extra $ I spend it on the kids... even though they already have about 4 times the clothes I have. Oh well! I'm happy for you! It sounds like she was really great!!

Kira said...

s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y AWESOME!! so i've heard of a personal stylist but don't know anyone that's used one....lucky you!! glad you had such a great experience. oh and that is an awesome gift.

k, so when are we going to get together with you guys and beth? throw out some dates and we'll see what works!

Sid said...

lucky girl! that would be soo nice!

Liz said...

Awesome! I want to see your new look. Happy birthday by the way. Sure do love you!

Chad and Beth said...

That is the coolest thing I have ever heard of. I want someone to come to my house to help me out!

jami said...

I think it's so funny that you felt like you needed a stylist. I think you look beautiful and put together perfectly every time I see you. I, on the other hand, make Beth go shopping with me. She's my stylist and she's free!