Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had a great Halloween this year. We had the ward trunk or treat which is always fun. Although Bella wasn't there and Seth left early for the Utah game. Halloween day was lots of fun, especially since the girls didn't have school this year. We went to grandpa's work first, then grandma's. After that they took us to lunch and then we headed to grandma Brown's work. After that we met Beth at a special Halloween thing downtown put on by the police department. That was definitely one of the highlights! There were lots of fun activities. The had a pumpkin drop using one of the fire trucks tall ladders! Then we had to drop Bella off at Kenny's, which wasn't fun. But she went trick or treating and so did the girls. 
It was fun being vampires. The girls are already thinking about what they want to be next year!

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