Friday, November 29, 2013

Rotten Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving started out fine. The night before the girls and I made 6 different pies. Bella was such a great helper! I'm so glad we get her this year. It's been fun!
Long story short we were just about to eat and Seth got a call from mike that he found found my mom face down in her apartment and it looked she had been dead for a few days.
Such a mess!
I've been so stressed with the Kenny stuff and dealing with getting my mom admitted into a hospital I didn't think I could take any more. I cried a lot and had Seth take me home. He went back and dealt with the police. Oh and Carston was there. Such a nice guy!
Then today I dealt with phone calls, texts, my moms bishop and Alden. 
What a day.
Alden is flying in tonight and Seth is going to pick him and his girlfriend up at the airport and take them to where they are staying. Then tomorrow we'll meet at the mortuary and the elders from her ward will bring all the boxes over to my house so we can start sorting.
Not looking forward to any of this.
Thank heaven for all the nice people who have called and offered to help with the kids because we will need it this week.

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