Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is our first year that we will be staying home with just our little family on Christmas Eve. In years past we've always had somewhere to go.
I'm actually really excited about staying home and starting some traditions of our own. The only problem is.......I don't know what we should do.
Seth and I have been trying to think of things we could do with the kids and traditions we could start to make our own, but we can't think of any.
So I thought I would ask people what they do. If you don't mind sharing and don't mind if we steal your idea, then please share it.


** Adrian ** said...

Growing up we always had a Ward Christmas Eve Party. The kids would do the nativity & sing "church-ie Christmas songs" & then after that they switch to "santa Christmas songs" & Santa would come! It was great! After we got home we'd open ONE present each (always pajamas) & we'd read a Christmas book together. We'd set out the milk & cookies & then Santa would call us on the phone (really!) & tell us all that he couldn't come until we went to sleep, so we'd all RUN to our beds to TRY to go to sleep!! I loved it!! Have fun starting your own traditions!! Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve?!?

Nate invited his family to OUR house for Christmas Eve ;)... It should be interesting to say the least. Wish me luck!

bevany said...

Fun for you guys. We always do pajamas too, and a book. Cookies for santa are fun...last year we left carrots for the reindeer too. You could always just play games and have hot chocolate. Watch some christmas shows with treats. We used to always read luke 2 and then sing some Christmas songs (with my mom forcing me to play them on the violin). Have fun! Hope you guys have a great Christmas@

Jenn said...

We always go up to my parents, but if we were alone, I would do this-
There's a fun, FREE event this evening, 12/24 at 6pm at Snowbird Ski Resort. Come join the fun for Santa’s Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade & Fireworks. Event is located at Harpers Ferry East, the best view is from the Plaza Deck. The Torchlight Parade begins at dusk, approximately 6 p.m. Following the parade are the fireworks & Santa Claus rappelling out of the Tram.

Krista said...

i had so much fun making the snowflakes. i really liked how they turned out using old magazines. here's a link i used fot how-to help

Chris aka Nana said...

Well now that it is over here are ideas we have used. We have a formal dress up in your very best clothes, candle lit dinner, followed by the scripture account of the birth of Christ. New pj's (a Christmas fairy delievers them to my daughters kids while asleep on the 23rd ready for Christmas Eve. We always open one present as well. Have fun!
We added a new one this year. Instead of going to my daughter's Christmas morning for breakfast (as we had been there the night before for the formal dinner) we decided to have our own candlelit breakfast.

Karen said...

Pick a food dish that you like (and your kids like) and fix it every Christmas (or Christmas Eve) NO MATTER WHAT. We make Swedish Pancakes with Stawberries and whipped cream. They will come love it and expect it every year. Have fun making your new traditions!

Sissy Jackson said...

We go out to dinner. When in Ut we went to The Chesecake Factory or Betos, in Vegas we did Benehana and here in Kzoo we get Sushi! The kids love it and Im happy! With your littles, McDonalds would be the order or hay, CHUCKY CHESE! Ya, I know, no need to thank me! LOVE YOU GIRL!!!