Monday, May 30, 2016

Last Week Of School

This week has been exhausting! The kids are so excited for the last day of school. Especially Claire. She has had so much energy! Every night she's had a hard time falling asleep because of how excited she is. She literally can't turn her brain off thinking about the next day's activities.
On Sunday night I went into her room to find she had laid out a different shirt for each day of the week. She said she'd been planning this out since the first day of school and I believe here.
She's such a chatterbox. We can't get her to stop talking, ever! I love it! But at the same time she only hears herself and won't stop. 
Today she won a big reading award at her school. I was so thankful I got to be there. It brought tears to my eyes. I knew how much she had worked on it. She tried so hard to finish every book and write a book report. She ended up with 120 books and book reports. She beat out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade for the honor. When they called her name I even stood up and clapped! I was so happy.

Tomorrow we are doing the tradition ice cream at rocket park after school and then slip n slide at Chelsie's. Then that night they've been invited to a late night movie outside at a friends.
Hopefully Kenny will let Bella go.
He's been worse than ever lately. I was hoping things would change since he broke up with his girlfriend. Poor Bella just cried to me today because she hates going with him and he's such a manipulator. Trying to twist things around and always make me look bad. Luckily she can see through everything. I'm just scared to death about him taking her to Denmark. She doesn't want to go and I don't want her to go. I don't trust him and I can hardly think about it without getting sick to my stomach.
The kids miss her so much! The twins especially! They ask everyday when she'll just stay here. I hate how much she's gone. I just want her home all the time. I want to feel like a family everyday.

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